"It makes no sense to wait" - Galway Advertiser 21

from the Galway Advertiser - at least the paper make no bones about being an advertisement vehicle, you must give it credit for honesty.

it makes no sense to wait! … well it makes even less sense to listen to paddy flynn!
i’m sure there are plenty of people willing to sell to you, the same as there are millions who would sell you anything thats going to $hyte.

Hey, Paddy Flynn, you’re talking a lot of sinse there fella, you haven’t been smokin’ the sinsemilla agin, have you?


Maybe his premises is located too near(or not) to the headshop.

I think Paddy fancies himself as a VI – a leader of society, influencer of opinion, a class above all those measly FTBs – all they need is a little coaxing and reassurance from the captains of the property industry (yes, we all look up to you, Paddy Flynn from Galway).

One day Paddy, you might get to don the right colour badge at the Ballybrit races. The extent of Paddy’s vision is to follow the tried and trusted recipe of property tycoons gone by. Trouble is, the flavour isn’t very appealing anymore…

What’s he on about? Buyers know there is no shortage of sellers. He hasn’t made any case as to why now is a good time to buy.

Reading that put me in mind of the match maker in the Quiet Man

As opposed to “unwilling buyers”?

hmm, on second thoughts there probably were are few of them towards the top of the boom…

I think he feels it goes without saying that “now is always a good time to buy”.

No doubt he’s out “filling his boots” with properties as we speak.


I don’t know what the broadband penetration is like outside Eyre Square, but I imagine there are plenty of culchies making their way back from work, Galway Advertiser under arm and looking forward to a quiet evening on the couch with RTE news at 9. Bliss.

Oh look! I must pop down to my “financial advisor” (Milo O’Flynn – great man) and ask him what to do with the money I got for selling that site. Bricks 'n mortar are the best investment.

Any more guarantees you’re prepared to offer me Paddy, like if I buy now, I won’t lose a fortune?

The manifest frustration contained in that article should surely be used to provide power and light for some small town in Galway. :confused:

He hasn’t actually put any arguments forward for why it makes ‘no sense’ to wait.

He’s put a few arguments (I’m being generous) forward for why it makes sense to buy.

But he’s put no arguments forward for why it makes sense to buy now as opposed to waiting.

Every argument for buying now that he makes will still be true if you wait. The only difference you’ve a good chance of paying substantially less if you do wait.

From his own arguments (and ignoring the movement of prices, up or down, which he has done) if it makes no sense to wait, it equally makes no sense not to wait.

The arguments he’s made are completely independent of waiting or not.

if x = waiting and !x = not waiting
a = there are people willing to sell

he’s basically saying
if a then x.

Well I’m saying if a then !x.

There’s no contradiction, because he’s never even asserted (nor could he) that a and x are in any way related, they are completely independent.

One might as well say if you buy now the sky will be blue, it makes no sense to wait, the sky won’t stop being blue, nor will it have any effect positive or negative on buying now or later. They are logically independent.

The furthest you can go (ignoring price trends) is to state that it makes as much sense to buy now, as to wait.

The statement ‘it makes no sense to wait’ based on the premise given (people are willing to sell) is a logical fallacy and is therefore false.


Or in some water purifying contraption. :laughing:

It will be not enough, things are really gloom here* We desperately need light, hope, confidence and sound fundamentals.

  • according to anecdotal evidence collected when looking for house to buy:
  • EAs complain that they hardly sell anything
  • new estate outside office sold just one house and was taken over by bank, strange as there are no other new developments in this part of city to compete with it
  • new development on way to home just stopped, no houses seem to be sold
  • 20% below asking price is quite moderate bid

Builders trying to break even, banks tightening up, people sitting back.
Sounds to me like there has never been a better time to wait.

They must be putting bullshit in the water over in Galway.


You will not be ignored by Paddy if you bid 20% under his asking …wonder what happened to that Barna house he had on for 1.6m in 2006 and then 1.3m last year ??

I notice that agents in Glaway are still trying to knock out two bedroom flats for in excess of €400,000 at rental yields of 2.5% net. So no specuvestors in the market then, as even the bubble boys are not that frothing at the mouth mad, now that prices have stopped rising. If Paddy thinks that credit emicated FTB’s are going to fill the gap he’s mistaken.

Of course the cause of Paddy’s frustration is the bursting of a speculative bubble in Irish property. He doesn’t understand this, he possibly never will. He may go to the grave believing that the reason the market went bad and only got worse way back when in the oughties, was because buyers suddenly became pig headed, en masse. :frowning:

The advertiser has been pretty much the property advertiser for a few years now.
It used to have a pull out classifieds section which was replaced with the pull out property section.
The property section always seems to have a few articles written by EAs urging you to buy now.

…only 28 pages of property this week, I have seen well over 60 on occasion …and 7 by O Donnellan alone .

Mysteriously their PDF archive has just disappeared so I cannot show you :frowning: