"It makes no sense to wait" - Galway Advertiser 21

Fixed it for you …

So the crux of his argument is buy, because there are sellers willing to sell you their property.

We are privileged to live in such times: not only is there demand, there is also supply. Its a bit like when someone is selling turnips, and you want turnips. You can go to a place and buy them for a certain amount of money. The amount of money depends on how many people are selling turnips, and if they have lots of turnips they need to sell. One could almost call such a thing a “market”.

PS. All the smart ballsy guys are buying turnips now, though for the price of a turnip in dublin I could sell you 3 turnipskis from bulgaria…

Wait they could be onto something.
The galway city tribune says on the front page “Yo-yo effect to send city house prices spiraling upwards again”.
What the article consists of is the CIF telling the tribune how the builders have stopped building and with interest rates coming down prices will shoot up.
Sounds like country tom has started the PR blitz.

Yep, it has a strong whiff of Country Tom about it all.

A “Yo Yo Effect” is a failed diet I thought , what an unfortunate analogy :frowning: .

The only thing Likely to grow in Galway this year is Hair

The Yo-Yo effect is what enticed me into the property game to begin with. Fundamentals. Now Im banking on the Yo-Yo-ness of the market to create the soft landing we’re all waiting for. Thanks be to jaysus for yo-yos