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They mean, “we buried our heads in the sand therefore no one could have foreseen…”

And people look at me funny when i say the quality of Irish journalism isnt worth the paper its written on.
Id give this article a D+ if a Leaving Cert student wrote it

Such drivel.

Sounds like what a frightened member of the corrupt and venal elite would say.

They go on,

In other words, we must stop acting like whinging victims - its the Brits fault we act like that. :confused:

Pathetic clown.

Any idea who wrote this dross? I want to send him/her an e-mail. I think everybody should, whenever an article like this appears. I know it will keep you busy however if you have a standard letter response to the “nobody predicted this” bullshit that is now common currency, it would save you some time. At least let these morons know that their bullshit and attempts at deflecting blame are not going unnoticed.

fuck this bullshit, what u need to do is sack all the people (politicians and bankers) who got us into this mess and get some real leadership in for a change. the current crowd of idiots have no credibility and are stumbling from one disaster to another, taking everybody else down with them

Although it is more aimed at refuting the 'No one saw it coming" argument in the states, it is equally relevant here.

“No One Saw It Coming” — REALLY?

Self-serving whiny beal bocht/big-boys-did-it-and-ran-away infantile drooling peasant drivel of the most moronic kind.

Yup. The penguins are having a busy day today. They’ve started to write articles in the papers.

I would have got away with it if it weren’t for them pesky Antarctic varmints!

considers going back to bed and getting out the other side

Im almost trembling with rage after reading the above quote from that article. Who the fuck wrote this? Someone in Anglo-Irish Bank? Or Fianna Fáil?

Obviously somebody who is shitting themselves because this reads like a heartfelt plea for clemency from a person who is worried that they are about to be exposed for having partaken in something very nasty indeed.

Unpalatable as truth may seem to the former boomtime heroes, the Celtic Tiger was the culmination of all of the sordid little episodes of 20th century Ireland. It took them all, amalgamated them and beamed them live onto a huge edifice which overlooked Dublin for the past decade. On that gigantic edifice were broadcast the lives of the beneficiaries of Berties boom and the rest of us were forced to watch whether we wanted to or not.

Theres no absolution forthcoming from this quarter. Fuck them. They deserve all thats coming to them.

We must not ask simple questions such as: :angry: :angry:

Why do the CEO and Editor of a newspaper, (who were on salaries of many multiples of the industrial wage or that of the ordinary and now seemingly widely reviled public servant)who blew tens of millions on a property website still retain their well over salaried positions?

Incompetence is not limited to the cabinet in this country or indeed the public sector. :cry: :cry:

Its hard to disagree so I won’t :smiling_imp:

It appears to be an editorial piece, and reflects the ITs left wing postion. Waste of time, nobody reads it. And also by the way very poor.

Geraldine I took the liberty of correcting your copy, I assume someone of your upstanding in the community meant the article to say the following, obviously one of the sub-editors you got with the 50 million fee for the property website saboutaged your intentions. You can post my fee to SVP.

No time for whingers

None but the most diligent of economists, thorough of journalists, honest of politicians who wasn’t in the pocket of vested interests , adequate of regulators and capable of bank official could have foreseen the speed and depth of the financial crisis which has engulfed Ireland.

The immoral excesses of free markets, lax and corrupted regulation and a gigantic amount of fraud are to blame but it may take a lot longer to convict and jail those responsible.

Meanwhile, we have to live with the consequences and live with the fact that none of those responsible have been held accountable or been forced from their jobs…

The Celtic Tiger was of considerable benefit to a small coterie minority of connected vested interests who vastly increased their wealth at the expenses of the state and most of its working and middle-class citizens who face job uncertainty and huge levels of debt.

It brought the country to its current state on its knees , due to excessive social extravagances, lack of cultural and informed debate and internal stress on social services caused by a population growth rate amongst the highest in developed world.

The common epithet that “we blew the boom” has never been so true. With huge deficit and national debt soaring, social services cracking and thousands of jobs being lost each week . And serves as an indication that the speaker has at least learned something from the way things developed.

The boom has left us with many dis-advantages, including a level of personal debt which is amongst the highest rates in Europe and is greater than at any previous time in our history.

What we all need now, is for a mass awakening of the electorate to oust this cabal of politicians of the Ballybrit tent genre and ensure they never take power again.

What we need now is a massive witch hunt to identify those who are responsible and to refrain from making the same mistakes of the past where white collar crime went unpunished and banking malpractice as in the days of Off-Shore Resident Accounts went unpunished.

Well done BoB, that about sums it up.


Just one alteration:

should obviously be:

Typical Irish Times establishment clap trap.

Fair play BoB. Ive disagreed with you on threads in the past but IMO this article is an absoloute disgrace appearing as it does in what passes for the establishment pamphlet. You’re ongoing highlighting of the journalistic inadequacies of our nation is both timely and highly relevant.