IT OpEd: here we go again?

An opinion piece in The Irish Times, 18th Feb 2015 by Kathy Sheridan.


](Kathy Sheridan: State poised to boost developers so the merry dance could begin again – The Irish Times)

Blue Horseshoe

Edit: to correct the year :blush:

This was only a matter of time.
Why should we bother querying the builders outdated construction techniques, the hording of development land until absolute breaking point in supply, or bother reforming the regulations around infrastructure/planning/levies… let’s just ignore all that, and horse cheap credit at the builders! That’ll fix it!

Crazy stuff.
It’s like Toyota going to the government and saying, “we want to import more cars to your market - there’s an obvious demand - but we don’t really want to pay the import duties/distribution cost… (stares at feet)… shur’ you’d pay that for us, won’t you?”
“Good man yourself! We’ll see you when the Galway tent comes back!”*

*Note: said tent won’t actually physically be present, but the spirit of the tent will be alive & well all over the country again.

I suppose I’m quite encouraged by the fact that the media are actually criticising it!

Shoddy enough article though. No thoughts on site tax, housing densities or anything new (or, God forbid anything that might discommode the SCD property owning middle class pseudo lefties that make up the IT core readership)

Half is regurgitated Business Post article/The Builders (imagine sellers setting prices at the Max level the market will bear!) And a pop at this Greg Kavanaugh knob (Messi if Irish construction)