IT: Property prices a safe bet?

Any of those 40 punters from the Pin? :slight_smile:

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I put down a few quid at 5-1 for prices to drop by over 9 percent. Did any of the guys here bet close to 1000 last year ?

One of them was me anyway, I went for the 9% plus.

Though for some reason I wasn’t allowed to bet more than €45…

I also had a gamble on the Former French embassy going for less than €45m, but I doubt it’ll be sold before the April 30th deadline.

I put 25 on more than 9%. I had it in my PP account and would have probably made a stupid football bet and lost it anyway.

Paddy Power is a shade more optimistic and has identified a 5-7 per cent increase as the most likely outcome, with odds offered at 9-4. The next shortest odds of 10-3 are being offered on a 7-9 per cent reduction in house prices.

The bookmaker is offering odds of 12-1 on no change in house prices and odds of 6-1 on any increase at all.

5-7% decrease I assume.

I wanted to put a pretty large bet on with Delta when the spread was 309-311 and got all the details sent out to open my account but they wanted a few grand lodged in the account. Sadly I declined :frowning: :frowning:

Mis-print in the paper, PP are offering 9-4 on a 5-7% decrease on their site.
Proof reader probably read it and thought “how can a decrease be optimistic?” so corrected it.

Does Delta still run that index?

Just put €50 on a 9% plus decrease.
I think in reality it will be much more but this bet is really whether we think the ESRI/TSB “index” will show it!

7-2 now the odds for 9% plus decrease

now 3-1 for 9% plus decrease. people are piling in for this one!

0.8% February decrease has probably moved the market as well.

They have just removed the market.

How does Sage have any connection to do this thread???

Another market collapses :wink:

Seriously though, its still available, my punt of 10-3 odds on the decline being 7.01%-9%, with a quarter of your stake covering your bet if its any higher than that (>9% 4-1), no longer makes sense:

7.01%-9%: 10-3 has dropped to 11-4, new favourite

9%: from 4-1 to 7-4, massive shift

Damn pinsters!

Sorry to resurrect old thread/possibly dupicate other thread. Paddy Power have their book open on this year’s property prices: interesting comparison with the odds in early 2008.
2010 Irish House Prices
Singles Only. What will be the % change of Irish National House Prices for the 12 months from 1st Jan to the end of December 2010. Settled in accordance with official house price index figures obtained from Permanent TSB.
Any Increase 6/1
0.01 - 3.00 Decline 12/1
3.01 - 6.00 Decline 6/1
6.01 - 9.00 Decline 10/3
9.01 - 12.00 Decline 15/8
12.00 - 15.00 Decline 3/1
Over 15% Decline

to complete your post…

Greater than 15% is 5/2

If this was based on an index at the upper end of the market I’d have my house on >15% decline, if you’ll pardon the pun

What an awful book. Must be around 150%. For a handful of runners that’s mean.
If you are silly enough to put big money on this then you are silly enough to buy an apartment.
Maybe the EAs are using Paddy Power to help them spot easy targets.

I wonder when the TSB numbers are out, Daft prices down 14%;