IT Property Section - 08-09-11

Well, the good times are back.

Trophy estate.

Nama apartments in Dublin - firm reserves - can’t sell below cost. :angry:

Apartments in Kells for between 250k - 400k. It is the quality you see.

Dublin - huge push in the 700 to 1.2m bracket.

House close to Google - yes, all those 6 figure earners looking for a family home close to Barrow Street.


<<<<<<<<< That way for 2006

woke up this morning and found myself 2006!

Here’s the proof, found this in the IT property supplement: … -4/1608942

1.15 million for a three bed end of terrace house!*

Good luck to them, the place round the corner, which is a much bigger house, albeit with no off street parking and a poor garden has been trying to secure €995k for two years now: … n-4/415066

  • claims to be a four bed but can see no evidence of this

It is like a concerted practice from all the agents to have the UPBEAT issue to kick off the season.

Last flog on the property horse IMHO.

They had the annual estate agents tennis competition puff piece as well.

It kicks off the new property buying season – apparently the market goes on hold each year until we see podgy property advertisers in tennis whites.

When IT property frontpage shows a country house it means that there are no new trophy houses for sale in any of the major urban areas. There are alway country houses available for a photo spread – they can take decades to sell and are a fall-back if the IT cannot find a house worth highlighting. If the IT shows country houses on its front page for two weeks in row (as in the last two weeks) then there have been no new trophy houses for sale for two weeks over that period. The hidden message is that prices might be down drastically but at the moment there is no new stock in terms of high-end houses.

Unutterably unbelivably unfeasiby unrealistically smug.

It is simply impossible to criticise an organisation that is so far removed from reality. You cannot engage with mad people. You just have to walk away to stop becoming frustrated.

True, but we can console ourselves with the knowledge that this kind of reporting will get them nowhere.

I found the evidence!

Look very carefully at the top of the short staircase in photo number 9 in the ad. Now look at the text in the corresponding place in the floor plan at image number 12. It definitely says “Bedroom 4” - and I think it ways 1.90 x 1.82 metres!!! :open_mouth:

Is this the smallest “bedroom” in Ireland?

I stayed in a slightly smaller room in Hayes Hotel, Thurles.

But yes, only midgets need apply.