IT Q&A - Can we stop irritating and pointless viewings

Drop the asking price, or it’ll still be for sale this september, and the one after.

Well , gone are the days houses were sold without viewing and all EAs had to do was answer the phone to earn their commission.

As you say Xman , he’s gotta drop his price. This is the only way property in this enlightened age will sell and all the spin and bullshit by VI’s won’t change reality.

The journalist admits they were actively buying property at the height of the boom. It clearly confirms that as a property journalist they had bought into all the VI spin, and could not see the signs of the bubble inflating beyond control.

It also highlights why these journalists have been so slow to call the bust. The only reason they are now jumping on the bandwagon is because The Independent Group is attacking them on all fronts, with Propertynews website etc.

I love this stuff, on the one hand you have

Whose fsult is this? Is it the poor EA who might just love to tell you that your asking price is more applicable to a house twice the size in Ballsbridge and he does’nt want to waste his time on it unless you get real
Or is it just the fact you are plain greedy and not willing to accept reality, then again maybe like the Irish econony your house “is different”.

As I hear kids in the street saying “get a life” because you sound like a pompous ass.

Lastly would it not be true that in your viewing of potential new homes you also went to view where you had no intention of purchasing?

Theres an old saying “Do unto others…” :slight_smile:

They are not greedy, they just don’t want to “sell it for less than its worth” cough
Its everyone else who is wrong.