It’s coming home ……



Football managers should stick to picking the best players for the squad, they do not need to be hearing crap like this!


In fairness to Southgate I think he did pick what he perceived to be most balanced team. It is not one I would have gone for given what he had at his disposal. A pretty silly argument for the Economist to make given Mancini won the competition with his squad!


Well it’s like saying you pick your army based on who is going to win you a war. America has decided that this doesn’t matter and the military should be “representative”

Diversity matters more than effectiveness to the Globalists.


Of course they don’t actually give two shits about diversity, all they care about is fermenting helter skelter.


Kind of. They hate ethno-nationalism, particularly economic & borders nationalism. Hence their rage at Trump, who was basically a 90s Clinton type on all other Globohomo issues.

They sort of like civic nationalism - that 3rd world peasants arrive to Britain and “become British”. Hence the diversity obsession.

Also, they need to believe that the Project they’ve been following in the UK since at least 1967 works. The idea that Britain is weaker and worse is unconscionable.


The ‘lack of diversity’ thing often gets thrown at whatever enterprise that is being too winningest. It’s ruse to clip wings rather than promote minorities.

We could equally whine about why England massively favours selecting players of African heritage in their diversity drive. There are twice as many people from India and Pakistan in Britain, yet none of them has ever played for the national team.