IT: Sharp price cut to drive sales off Stillorgan Rd

Substantial drops for small Southside development from today’s IT property supplement:

1 beds: 440k → 380k (-13.6%)
2 beds: 610k → 480k (-21.3%)
2 bed duplex: 1.1m → 715k (-35%)


[Edit: fixed the dodgy maths, thanks Rd]

I like the bit:

With such a absence of appropriate hyperbole I can’t see the budding journalist behind this piece going very far. :smiley:

But at nearly €10,000 per square metre for each square metre of a one or two bedroom apartment in the suburb of a European provincial sized city doesn’t “look” like good value to bme as yet. Take another 50% off, then we will be in value territory.

That’s some crazy ass maths shit going on there.


That’s how much you end up owing on the alt-a loan!

'nuff Neff now.
I’d settle for laminate worktops, a Belling oven, and a price below 250K.

Not sure what happened there, clearly not on the ball today. 480->610? It looked like Feb 2006 there for a minute :slight_smile: