IT - "Social partnership only serves to protect top earners"

**Social partnership only serves to protect top earners by Sarah Carey Irish Times **

this is seen only too clearly on the Pin as well …

Excellent article by Sarah Carey.

Begg, O’Connor etc are always strangely silent on top public servants obscene pay (academics, medical, politicans etc)

Yet they shed crocodile tears over hospital porters …

Revolution in the IT :open_mouth:

Comrades, to needles!

Liked it, I have to say.

I’m surprised. The IT calling senior public servants pigs. Refreshingly different. Now that the developers and banks have been exposed it’s on to the next set of parasitical VIs.

Go at 'em I say.

The pin behind the IT, mods we need you now more than ever. All thread which are clearly factional and not rational should be moved to the Piston Broke (or if possible :wink: ) and marked as such.

This thread concerns *top ranking *public servants only on €100k+ I will leave it run . Anyway it came from the Times :smiley:

We have the best paid Central Bank Governor in the Eurozone , Hurley . We should therefore have the best Central Bank in the Eurozone and not the worst .

Hi 2pack didn’t mean to imply that this was one of those threads, just reiterating my view on other threads in light of how the IT have seen through the bluster and we need to too.

Anyway enough pseudo-modding from me, you all do a great job; I only comment at all as I rely on the pin to let me read next weeks news today (and I now have a small fan base who look up to me and expect me to know these things :nin )

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Ah. Sarah Carey.

enough said.


Classic! Its so Orwell.

Of course this was Ahern’s conscious strategy. Give the lefties cushy jobs on boards, and any qualms soon disappear. A snout-in-trough
establisment needed moralizing lapdogs like Begg to provide a veneer of social justice on a rotten system.

As Begg blinks in disbelief at the collapse of everything he once thought he knew, one word must be nagging at his thoughts…

That word is patsy.

Sarah Carey, enough said for me too. :unamused:

By the by, I am being increasingly struck by the one apparent growth industry in Ireland.

Journalistic demand for words like “solidarity”, “comrades”, “brother”, “social justice”, and a good few other seems to be going through the roof.