IT - The Great North/South Divide

Someone should tell the genius who wrote this well researched, thought out piece, to have a look at a map of Dublin. Upon discovering that the Northside is about twice as large as the Southside, they might want to consider penning an article about the distinct advantages of apples over oranges.

If I pop into the IT offices in Tara St and tell them I can use the search facility on myhome, I wonder if they’ll give me a job.

Market’s doing what now?

It’s sticking. You know, as in easing back, readjusting, landing softly like. :slight_smile:

Reminds me of the Dead Parrot sketch… The market’s not dead, it’s just resting!

Sticking - that is a new one for the glossary. We are sticking to a vertical slope.

The markets plummeting head first down the rabbit hole after the mad hatters tea party. Its not sticking its


I once heard a Dart interviewee say “well like there should be more Darts on the southside as its larger…”

What it is, right, I think without the figures, there is a higher populaiton density on the southside.

The northside is bigger I think and it may be marginally so but it has less popultion density and thus more space. I suppose when you look at the map you will see South Dublin is wider but that is becaue the Dublin mountains act as a natural barrier, where the north is long and flat. The better land too! Sure thats why the old english landlords had so much of it for themselves right!?

More of this “wealth” stupidity as well here:

D’oh. Maybe because the house they want to move to is now cheaper. D’oh.

This new craze for substituting the word stick for fall is going to cause all kinds of bother.

The Decline and Stick of the Roman Empire.

Freestick parachuting.

We call it Autumn while Americans call it Stick.

Marlene Dietrich sings Sticking in Love Again.

Maybe an opportune time to resurrect this hilarious post from daltonr

To summarise: Northsiders more vacant, and the southsiders more dense. That right?

That was meant to be the other way around. Was talking population and households. First time poster apologies.

I blame it on the year I spent in the Finnegan School of Journalistic Meanderings (Postgrad in Codswallop).

you’ll fit right in here so :wink:
Welcome aboard.

Anyone have any idea whats happening in Monaghan?