IT thinks Irish politics are great


IT thinks Irish politics is great…cites the fact that there has been no opposition in the Dáil for years as evidence of this… … -1.3737151


It’s an opinion piece not an editorial.


It’s standard fare from Collins. He’s always eulogising over the Govt of the day…he’s just extended that to their partners in Govt


The odd contrarian take is great, but it’s standard from Collins and is completely tedious.

Some of us are old enough to remember the ‘political consensus’ theory of Irish politics, where for example in 2002 you saw the PDs, Labour, FF, FG and like-minded independents take 90% of Dáil seats. There was very little difference in political approach to most issues between these parties.

That has changed hugely in the interim, with a much broader range of opinions in the Dáil on issues like Irish nationalism, the environment, level of desired public spending, respect for rule of law, etc.

Sinn Féin and the left may not be in government, but they do have a lot of influence. You would never have seen a FF- or FG-led government of 15 years ago introduce rent caps, or seek to legalise abortion or same-sex marriage. Probably not as robust an approach in defending Irish interests in the Brexit negotiations too.

There’s an article there Stephen if you’re creative enough to write it!