IT: Unemployment falls to 12.9% … ing29.html

And here we we’re all expecting it to go up.

Guess it’s dropping due to emigration, benefits running out (and other half in employment), take up of courses.
So really the total number in employment is probably a more useful stat now.


The headline: “Unemployment falls to 12.9%”

The first sentence: “The number of people unemployed continued to rise in the first quarter of 2010, although the unemployment rate fell on a seasonally-adjusted basis.”

Shoddy shoddy shoddy :unamused:

Yep. You’d also want to add about 45,000 on to the figure that should be added to the workforce each year - the difference between new entrants (70,000ish) and leavers (25,000). We have a population bulge coming out of school/college at the moment, hence the disparity between the two. Or so I believe!

I was wondering about that. When was it ever above 12.9%? 1985?

I would suspect that a lot of foreign construction workers, who have no specific ties to Ireland, have decided to bail home or whereever the next building project lies.

There are definately Irish emigrating, but thankfully, not in the same numbers as our recent history.

**In labor force 2,132.7
In employment 1,857.6
full-time 1,444.5
part-time 413.1
not underemployed 399.1
underemployed 14.0 **
Unemployed 275.0
seeking full-time work 256.3
seeking part-time work 18.8
Not in labor force 1,383.3
Marginally attached 23.3
Others 1,360.0
Total aged 15 or over 3,516.0

This is from the Q1 Household survey. It should answer your question. … t/qnhs.pdf

Employment has decreased by over 108,000 in the last 12 months (over 2,000 a week decrease or 296 a DAY!).
Unemployment has increased by 52,000 in the last 12 months.
56,000 missing persons

thats 2,583 a week higher loss of employment in this first quarter than the rate for the past 12 months.
Things are getting worse. This is in line with other evidence such as: … ing22.html … r_Day.aspx

but hey car sales are up, it`ll be grand, the spoilt tiger cubs can work for nothing or go see the world as our buddies Bill Cullen and Mary Coughlan say

I’m looking on the CSO but I can’t find the peak month of employment, or peak period versus latest employment figure.

Anyone got a month by month doc?

You’ll have to bring them all in to say “Excel” and maniputate, I tried it but it just drove me mad, I opened tabs for each piece of data, and literally formatted the cells one by one, I could’nt even reconcile the topline numbers, as spaces that I can’t see were in there.( and i did reformat the cells)

There is no formal sheet AFAIK… that would make it easy for us. :angry:

The data are available in the database direct section of the website. … esults.asp

At the bottom of the page for each statistic is a dropdown which will let you export to an excel file.

What I like to know is what percentage of people are underemployed.

Figures are in here … t/qnhs.pdf
page 6

14,000 people in total apparently