IT: When hundreds apply, who gets the job?

From The Irish Times, 7th June 2010



Blue Horseshoe

interesting times we live in.

Tought titty, people Q to get a job and you get squemish Poor you!

Eijits. Should have gotten on the pigs back , sorry a Public sector job when they were recruiting.

Alot of assumptions here by recruitment agencies. I’m doing courses for jobs that are below the level I was previously at, but in a different sector. I find his comments very insulting. He says re-training is a matter of urgency, then says that people that are re-training are over qualified. :imp: Not everyone fits into a textbook profile

wtf kind of english do you need to be a cleaner? What sort of specialist training does one need to work at a deli that they cant get on the job?

what the hell experience do you need to work in retail? Thats the kind of thing I did when i was in secondary school part time. Clearly Im missing something, please inform me

“bothered” maybe because yer mans workshop is a load of shoite, I wonder does he charge :unamused: cough cough
and anyway there is no shortage or unemployed people with retail experience

Recruitment agents, like gasses, expand to fill whatever space they have. So when there are 100 people, any one of whom can do the 1 job available, they like to be seen to be doing the work of whittling them down into the ideal candidate, just as they would if only 1 of the 100 might be suitable. As such, they make up arbitrary criteria for determining suitability.

I never really got recruitment agents - for unskilled work anyone can do it so why not just stick a sign up; for highly skilled work if the employer doesn’t know who can do the job and can’t filter out the timewasters themselves then they should question their whole business. The only time that I can see how a recruitment agent is really justified is in those crap office jobs that are low paid highly technical and have a high turnover of staff e.g. vodafone callcentre. Even there, they are only useful because the managment in those places don’t want to do their own recruiting as it is cheaper to pay someone per head employed.

Thats quite a number applying for one job. In Leterkenny 400 people applied for a job position lately. It seems to be problematic in certain areas. My missus finished up in college so started looking for one, first week she was offered two jobs and got a interview call for another but she had taken one of the two before the 3rd call for the interview. It just goes to show that some areas seem to be in a worse state than other in terms of desperate people looking for jobs.

Nevermind recruitment agents, what about David “Negative Equity isn’t a problem” Duffy of the ESRI…

Trim, Letterkenny… The only equity there is iniquity.

What did she study and what did she get the job doing?
Just interested to see where there’s hiring action.

Must be a butcher or baker if the expert :nin in the Irish Times is to be believed

The IT wants to start a bread bubble. :unamused:

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Err lads. What’s with all the snarky comments? Losing a job is a pretty traumatic experience and it’s attitudes like some of the above that makes people embarrassed about it.

You’re missing the point. I wasn’t having a pop at the secretary (far from it, fair play to her for getting on with work, have done shite jobs myself before getting what I wanted), but rather at the way that the reportage implied that having an honours Leaving Cert was something notable. The same can be said of having an ‘honours’ degree - most places don’t actually have any pass degrees any more, so all degrees are the same.

Now that’s a better explanation; thanks. could be worth millions

Social studies but has another year to do. Only way to get a job for 5 months is to apply for full time, only in deli but will do for the next years rent. She has a bit of experience in it before though.

There’s hiring in Financial Services, if anyone’s curious. While our company imposed ‘austerity measures’ last year they have been replacing people, and recently loosened the purse strings to bring our team back up to more like a proper operating capacity.

I’m sure there were an awful lot of applicants for the jobs too, but we only interviewed three people (this is for the most junior position there is). I’d question the need and motivation for interviewing “hundreds”.

For any job seekers out there, I’ll say something I’ve learned in my experience of interviewing people and reading CVs. There are still a huge number of CVs coming in with grammatical and spelling errors. And annoying inconsistencies in the tense used in describing past jobs. Despite all the bread and butter advice on CVs, it still is a noticeable failing. I would never hire someone who has an error on a CV, and I’ve sank plenty of candidates for this despite the fact they interviewed well (and of course, HR/management who screen the CVs missed the errors too). It’s no use claiming to have attention to detail when your CV proves otherwise.

If anyone is looking in this sector (transfer agency, shareholder services, financial reporting, Fund Accounting, Compliance/AML etc), feel free to PM me.