🇮🇹 Italians Vs The Menace

Are things also kicking off in Italy once more?


Libya- does that count? :wink:

Just folk hungry and pissed off


This little nugget sums up the EU constitution .

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Spent a good deal of time in Italy over the summer.

While, they have only lifted the green card vax pass at the start of June, there were very few signs of lingering Covid hysteria. Even on public transport, in theory masks have to be worn, but many people don’t wear them, and nobody is going to put in a challenge to get masked up.
Cash still remains very much alive, well and kicking, well imbedded in the culture, as it tends to be in Spain and Croatia as well.
For the most part, there was a welcome relief from the bombardment of Diversity & inclusion advertising/social engineering. Clearly the Italians won’t have it, and no doubt the language helps here.
There was also a total absence of Ukraine flags. :it:

Great to get away from the madhouse of Ireland for a few weeks.

Hopefully everyone gets a good mind detox over the summer, and more people come back from their holidays questioning, questioning, questioning… :sunglasses: