🇮🇹 Italians Vs The Menace

Is simples. Anyone not agreeing with them :100: is “far-right”.



Not sure when that speech was but:


Re Meloni
.“She joined the Aspen Institute in 2021 (Gates Foundation funded) and was skilfully managed into place.” :whistle:

An interesting thing to know is their position on the injections and lockdowns.

How the Irish menace media are reporting it and how much is also a clue.

So far it looks like the menace Regime agents are not too happy

There’s a picture of her in the carousel top right of page…


I’ve never heard any politician so perfectly explain what we’re up against and why we fight. When you watch this video, you’ll quickly realize why the establishment is afraid of her.

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I posted that one already, but totally worth watching again :wink:

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It’s amazing just how much the MSM are trying to taint her, likely without even reading a single thing she’s wrote, or listening to a word she said.

“Far right” now just applies to anyone who disagrees with the establishment.


The Menace is the Culture of Death.

:it:Ukraine’s accession to NATO will lead to world war - Berlusconi

Details are sparse.
Rule of thumb: If it hasn’t been attributed to far-right political violence it is quite likely leftist political violence

Hundreds of people protested against the government ban in Milan on Saturday.

Only a crowd even the BBC would describe
as ‘hundreds’ in a city the size of Milan on a sunny weekend?
Obviously don’t have an NGO sector comparable to Ireland’s mighty juggernaut of progressivism

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