iTax - Broadcasting charge 'whether you have a TV or not'


This is where I am too.

I’d probably leave out the dramas, soaps and comedies, and put them in the category with imported shows, foreign football and the like.

The two most successful Irish sitcoms ever were not made by RTE - Father Ted and Mrs Brown’s Boys. Meanwhile licence fee money goes on making derivative shite from the likes of Katherine Lynch.

Scale the licence fee back to pay for pure ‘national interest’ stuff that a commercial organisation simply wouldn’t do.


Fair City was on in the background while visiting a relation yesterday.
There was Carraigstown; a potemkin working class street in the middle of the most expensive real estate location in Dublin.


Be interesting to know which programs, etc. are RTE’s loss-leaders. The programs they put out just for the good of the nation. I’m guessing the orchestra, and nowt else.

How would the new broadcasting tax/license be applied to places that just have computers with web access, but are not a standard “home”. Like a school computer lab, a regular office, or a luas ticket machine? Don’t think they are proposing license per device like with the TV one, maybe a license per door? Per upstairs window?


Which is a pretty accurate, considering the set location, no?


The orchestra’s costs are off the charts. There are multiple orchestras all with what seem to me like big salaries for something where clearly there isn’t a lot of competition from other orchestras! … onth/32988


They get a nice tax credit (€2,476 per year) to compensate them for the use of their own instrument. There are a whole host of tax credits (which the public are unaware of) specifically tailored to the public service i.e. have been used to buy off the unions over the years - feast your eyes on these … penses.xls


I did, I was looking for the IT worker broadband/laptop tax credit :angry:


Try this one, I can claim it, I’m a qualified electronic engineer working as a software development engineer - wrote to revenue and they confirmed I was eligible

All unskilled workers and skilled or semi-skilled workers who do not bear the full cost of own tools and overalls €219

did it by email. Worth a go - nothing to lose


Ooh, ta!


Easy. You just register your “licence” with them and maybe 5 devices you and the family use, same terms as Netflix that allows you a number of devices. There is no conflict and the technology already exists since the domain is private they can control what access they want to give to content, so you can have add free content for fee paying registered users and advertising sponsored content for non paying. They can also deliver content on demand, like the weather forecast, news etc.




Video conferencing means my company has a licence :slight_smile:

But than again I am happy to pay my taxes.


Rte will need another bailout within a decade. Broadcast advertising in the US is shrinking at present. The only thing rte should do is reduce their size.


Maybe some of the Radio 1 documentaries and one-off dramas and possibly the whole of R na G. I’m not sure there are enough fluent Irish listeners to pay for a full time, producing, nationwide station as a commercial proposition.

I suspect that RTE could scrap a minimum of 80% of daytime radio, including the whole of 2FM and pretty much all of the TV except the weather and the first five minutes of each news show and still meet the same public service broadcasting remit that they do now. Even with a more generous definition of pubic service, like YM’s, they could dump 2/3 of the TV and half the radio.
There is no reason at all for 2FM to exist as a publicly funded station. A two or three hour biweekly John Peel-style show on R1 would meet the public interest demand for showcasing struggling Irish talent.


Maybe before that: … Itemid=119


It’s like a more sinister version of the Dark Web :open_mouth:


For those who can read German … richt.html

Basically a public service broadcaster has been forbidden from promoting an app financed by the public broadcasting charge as it encroaches on the domain of traditional commercial media outlets.

I received a response from Former RTE staff member and Minister for Communications, Alex White in response to my request that he force RTE divest themselves of Network 2 and Radio 2 where he asserted that RTE is “obliged to provide a range of programming and it must retain the capacity to compete with the commercial sector for audiences across a broad range of programmes if it is to retain its relevance”.

So there you have it; RTE is a self-perpetuating beast that is intended to be commercial while at the same time funded by license fee competing with commercial broadcasters for scarce advertising income.

In the mail I sent him I had pointed out that UTV Ireland had lost millions due to their launch on a poor EPG slot and that they’d have paid many many millions to inherit Network 2’s slot on the dial.

In RTE you have an organisation which controls the BAI and controls the department through their own man, bought and paid for. RTE have achieved total regulatory and legislative capture; expect many more commercial broadcasters to go to the wall.


RTE wrote the original legislation that was enacted.

Is there a constitutional basis for the TV Lisence? Maybe we should have a referendum?


UK has a new Minister for Culture who has referred to the tv licence as a “poll tax”

That would never happen here, as if rté would ever be critical of a government.


Rte free donnybrook are a cancer dug deep into our culture. A colonization weapon, socio-psychologicide. I’d contribute to a fund to achieve its obliteration. Went out of my way and paid extra for a monitor for my machine that can’t recieve tv. I have not watched any oirish tv since the nineties. Glad of that. It has enormous influence/control over the nations psyche, just as certain simple parasites can control or disturb the minds of more complex apparently more intelligent organisms. If you think you are immune because you are more intelligent and can see through it, you are lost. Don’t watch it. You’ll feel better. I’d block their site in my browser, but i don’t need to.
On an economic level, publicly funded and commercial is just ridiculous. Our grandchildren are running up extra debt to subsidise brain-virus-worm ads to get us to do stupid things for immortal (that t is deliberate) vampire legal personas called companies. Company time is infinite and ours is limited, so the time/money exchange rate is ungrounded, but it is our net, built of and by truth and sharing and intelligence, and they will not kill it. Tax it to keep gaybos judas-spawn in cucumber sandwiches and zanax and their site will be hacked to pieces, and will continue to be long after tv doesn’t matter any more. The arrogance of that guy to say that everyone watches rte ‘in this day and age’. He’s believing his own hype. Gonna find himself falling down a rabbitte hole if things ever get real, alice.
Subscription. Maybe like netflix, but there are many ways to make sure no-one sees that nice marty whelan’s face patronising us all the way down to eart or hears some owfoll corr creche ocksunt olluvoiyting us without paying for it, god help us. Ignorance prevents me from slagging off their more recent content, thankfully. And now a word from our poncers. I won’t keep calm, and you can f**k off.