iTax - Broadcasting charge 'whether you have a TV or not'


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To help the RTÉ Board in its duties, the Board is looking for new members of the RTÉ Audience Council … e-council/


The 250 to 600 word statement for application should be enough to weed out the candidates who aren’t on message and anyhow you should be a “good listener” i.e. passive.

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can you make the connection between a public funded incumbent and the inability of a new arrival to make an impact in the market.


TV broadcasting is in decline.
Has been for a decade.

The key is content.
Long gone are the days where an audience would wait months for a US show to appear on these shores.
Now you can watch it the following day online.

Traditional TV stations, such as RTE, UTV & TV3 lack sufficient original content and will shortly face the same death march currently experienced by newspapers.


BBC to cut 1,000 jobs over licence fee shortfall


Sounds like the pressure to replace the TV license with a “media tax” is getting stronger by the day as more and more people will simply abandon the TV.


To my mind the ‘pressure’ is less and less justified. Content is king and always has been, when we had 2 channels in the 80’s it was the only content, now it’s totally different. The iTax is just a means to preserve jobs, an ‘institution’, and some control of broadcast media.


My guess is some of that “surplus” iTax revenue will also find its way to the newspapers.


Plan to use Sky, UPC data to collect licence to be rejected … -1.2380084


one would have to wonder that Sky and UPC would get a chunk of the iTax if they hand their customer lists over.

Wouldnt it be great if the media decided NOT to cover ministerial proceedings/PR and just covered the bog standard legislation debates in the Oireachtas.


Pravda towing the line on budget


been that way for a few years now. esp. since The Mission to Prey. I’m talking softball

wonder if those who called-in get reimbursed 8-


TV ads slump as viewers move to Netflix - -> … 74070.html


network 2 was revamped a bit over a year ago to appeal to the teen to thirties market who are the people no longer want to watch TV. they are keeping channels on Radio and TV open at great expense(not just content but the medium as well) just to justify thousands of jobs. A one channel TV service and two or three channel radio service couldn’t never justify the numbers of people employed by RTE.


RTE are spending the license fee on some mighty strange stuff these days…


That’s pretty much what the price of a licence fee gets you these days.


How would a projector (with a USB reader/video player) and screen work with this tax? Would it be chargeable?


Currently no, as long as there is no tuner in any of the components. Under the proposed iTax, you get charged even if you live in a barn with no electricity, let alone no TV.

I was considering getting rid of the telly until the iTax proposal was introduced. But that’s a while back now (four years ago last month?). My license is due for renewal this month. I’m thinking of dumping the TVs and getting a cheap monitor in Power City for watching science vids on youtube. Currently I can’t even get RTE, and have no interest in any entertainment TV. I have a no-subscription Sky box on which I only watch BBC News, which I’m happy to forego.

Just as a matter of interest – has anyone ever let a TV license inspector into the house for a look round. Are they likely to check the attic, where I might the store the TVs temporarily while finding someone to give them to?


Yes, don’t think so. He checked the living room, saw the desk with 2 PCs and no TV and went again :mrgreen: