iTax - Broadcasting charge 'whether you have a TV or not'


do they have a right to enter? can you just tell them to politely go away?


They are essentially redundant because it applies to so many devices now it’s highly unlikely you do not fall under their basic spell of legislative slight of hand as brought in by the Greens while in power with FF and continued under the the current (as of yesterday) FG/Lab regime .


The Broadcasting Act gives them the right to search your premises:

"]An officer of an issuing agent may enter at any reasonable time any premises or specified place for the purposes of ascertaining whether there is a television set there and a television licence is for the time being in force in respect of the premises or specified place authorising the keeping of a television set at the premises or specified place.

As I understand it, you can still tell them to bugger off and come back with a Garda and a search warrant, which they will duly do. Or they can just claim they saw a television, issue you a summons, and let you argue your case in court. I don’t see any point in antagonising them. I don’t intend to flout the law.

Not really true. It still only applies to devices capable of receiving and exhibiting a live broadcast signal, which doesn’t include the internet. In the house in question I have one unused TV, one used only as a monitor, and one connected to a non-subscription set-top box. I also have three computer monitors, half a dozen tower PCs, and several laptops. I’ll find it quite easy to dump the tellies and STB. I have two satellite dishes, which don’t count as receiving equipment under the Act.


Same here. I get a visit every three or four years and a letter every couple of years, much less pushy than the UK, where they sent letters threatening me with thumbscrews and waterboarding about once a fortnight.
Once, I even invited the guy in to check and he told me not to worry about it and went on his way.


Scrap the TV licence or scrap RTE - -> … 962558242/


Well I’m scrapping my license this week. I’m determined to get one free year out of it.


I’ve never paid.
Have a television, but that’s only for use as a monitor for my computer.
I don’t pay for any TV services, just broadband.
Had countless ‘‘Licence inspectors have called to you door’’ letters, but nothing more.
The whole thing is a con. A back-scratching exercise between the government and RTE.

The likes of Ray D’arcy get paid €500,000pa.
RTE constantly try and make ‘stars’ out of their mediocre talent in order to justify their high salaries.

How far would D’arcy get in the UK ?


I don’t really watch RTE but strangely am in favour of the broadcasting charge.

I think it is preferable to the current system where it is essentially optional to pay your TV licence.
Let’s face it, most inspectors just move on when they are refused entry. I’d imagine the Gardai would only be involved when it is blatantly obvious that a TV is on the premise. Even then it is probably easier for an inspector to move on.

I know so many people who claim not to watch TV (and so avoid the licence) but then when you quiz them about a major sporting event, they have resorting to streaming the RTE/BBC feed.

The main arguments for RTE is that it is essentially part of our identity to have an independent national broadcaster. If that is true (which I doubt) it is in all out benefits. Therefore you should pay whether you watch or not.


Public TV is being used to condition the opinions of the population so that they are malleable. There is only a pretense of independence or impartiality. No, thank you.


From Tuesday, 25 October 1966


If you saw how totally controlled by Government, albeit benignly, German Broadcasting is you would not be in favour of state funded TV.
It is like having someone in your circle of acquaintances/friends who sets the agenda for your every conversation with you having no choice or input in to the content.
Now you can say that you can simply turn off the TV and generally I do but you still have to pay 18 euro per month.


There is so much in your debate dubrov that I disagree with.

Let me focus on one item in particular. Your last paragraph that I’ve put in bold.

RTE is not part of “our identity”. You through your unilateral choice of use of the word “our” have by implication deemed me to be part of what is YOUR identity.
I disassociate myself from such cojoinment with you or your band of over paid broadcasters.
I recognize tha you doubt that the statement that you have made is true.
However, nonetheless you made it.
It has provide a shield for you, yourself, from the butt of your own argument.
But here you are putting up an argument that people “should pay whether you watch or not”.

People can pay for it if they want to.
It should not be obligatory.

RTE does gain a substantial amount of revenue from advertising.

The also raise the volume of advertising so that it is annoying.

This all while being a so called public broadcaster.

This is yet another government mechanism of corruption. Pure and simple.
RTE is another corrupt demonstration of bad government.

I’ll let it up to you whether you pay or not for your own licence.
I don’t want you telling me what is in my identity.



I get your argument.
You don’t like paying taxes so justify it by saying RTE is a government mouthpiece.
I’m sure that you have similar arguments for water and property taxes.

No need to be so sensitive over “YOUR IDENTITY”.
Whether you like it or not, RTE has helped influence the views of Irish people (good or bad).

We agree on one thing though. Paying for RTE should be optional and i certainly would not be subscribing given the option.
The service should be restricted to paying customers only though.


The iTax is officially shelved. Ain’t happening. … -1.2673697


I’m considering throwing out the tv. I assume several people on here have already pulled the plug ?

When you consider how Paul Reynolds and Brian Dobson coverage of the Maurice McCabe affair. I just don’t like being misled and propagandised. Yes David McCullagh and Katie Hannon were good I suppose


I nearly threw it out a couple of years ago, then heard that we were gonna get stung for the iTax regardless. Nearly did it again this year but left it too late to think about at renewal time. Haven’t even switched the TV on in the three months since.


I’d love to hear the defence of the tv licence. Is it not pretty well accepted that a poll tax-like system is just about the absolute worst form of taxation?

It boggles my mind that people got so annoyed about water charges, but it’s rare to hear an ideological argument against the tv licence from those on the far left.


With Amazon Prime, Netflix and Chromcast and HDMI port on Laptop my TVs are little more than display devices.

A large portion of the license goes toward maintaining transmitters and renting transponders on satellites.


I don’t think that’s correct. A large proportion goes on RTE staff overhead, does it not?


the cost of operating those transmitters and renting transponders is not trivial and that is before considering the opportunity cost of the bandwidth lost to terrestrial TV programming which could be sold to a communications provider.