iTax - Broadcasting charge 'whether you have a TV or not'


And what is that cost? My understanding was that the transmission network was operated by a separate company that made money by leasing airwaves and tower space to commercial operators and so does not use any significant amount of the license fee.


1.5m for the saorsat transponder which is used by a tiny tiny percentage of people because it needs a different satellite dish or at the very least a differnt lnb on a toroidal dish.
and here is another expense that will be paid for from the license until the last owner of a valve radio has popped their clogs. … -1.2672228


Nope, I knew I read about it – since 2013 the transmission network is entirely commercial and not license-fee subsidised:


who do you think is paying for that transponder? it isn’t free. The broadcaster? Who is the broadcaster?
who do you think is paying for those transmitters to transmit RTE programming. The don’t pay for themselves. The broadcaster? Who is the broadcaster?



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rte pay to their daughter company.
saorsat is there for rte because 100% penetration is required to make the license fee legitimate and isn’t attractive to commercial broadcasters
the LW transmitter is only there for the RTE overseas server really.

The terrestrial boards on can be very intersting to see the chicanery involved in Irish broadcasting system.


Well quite. Also I imagine the “independent” child company isn’t exactly independent when it matters. But they are making an effort to be commercial and I suspect it’s not a big chunk of license fee money compared to some of the shit RTE do.


1.5m for saorsat which is the shitest fudge of a solution to an artificial problem of needing to broadcast to 100% of the country so as collecting the license can be justified and a 800k LW radio service which isn’t listened to by more than a handful of people and fta services which nobody looks at stealing bandwidth that has an opportunity cost.


In fairness I think it’s Saorview that uses useful bandwidth, not Saorsat. I could be wrong though.


I’m talking about the FTA channels on Saorview which you haven’t watched since you tuned in the saorview box. They use bandwidth.


Yeah. My point is that’s completely different to Saorsat.


bandwidth has opportunity cost.


RTE & The licence fee is well past its sell-by date.
It’s the ‘national.broadcaster’, but now so is everyone with a camera on their phone and Internet access.

And as for TV shows, there are oodles of websites that stream the moment they are aired on US networks.

It’s all about content.
Has been for well over a decade.
But RTE has sat on its laurels, trying to convince us that paying 500k pa for the likes of ‘stars’ such as Turbridy is in the national interest.

They are the same as Aer Lingus, but with the ability to ‘convice’ politicians to keep the subsidy.

So many scandals in Ireland over the recent past, yet so little investigate journalism from RTE.
The ‘national interest’ my arse.

The only thing the licence fee subsidises is a culture of unjustifyible salaries.


I do sometimes wonder if a flexible mixture of micropayments and subscription might be best. I’d pay for 2% to 5% of Radio 1 and 20% of Lyric, with just possibly occasional one off payments for discrete individual downloaded TV programmes. I’d even pitch in a bit for RnaG, as a sympathy payment, to make the world a more varied place. I wouldn’t pay €160 a year for that and there are several presenters I’d almost be willing to pay to keep off the air, but I’d pay something, if asked. As it is, I don’t own a TV, get free radio and I’m not sure I even have an option of sending €20 a year voluntarily.


I don’t think you understand my point at all.


do you want me to ignore the opportunity cost of the bandwidth in the way everyone ignores the opportunity cost of all the real estate and resources held by the public sector in Ireland.






So We get our own satellite for the price of 3 Ryan Tubridys ?
Bargain :smiley:
If we get rid of him and Marian and Joe Duffy we might be able to afford a space station


If we could afford a space station we should put the entire staff of Montrose on it, then fire it off into interstellar space. Not only would we get rid of RTE forever, but some of those space aliens that are supposed to have been picking up our broadcasts for a century would be able to wreak revenge on the w*nkers that produced it. We would put one of those cleverly encoded plaques on the side of it to signify that it is an appeasement offering, i.e. “don’t blame us, we were offended too! Contents probably edible. In case of symptoms, consult a doctor. Freeze on day of capture.