iTax - Broadcasting charge 'whether you have a TV or not'


I am not a big fan of the licence fee model. I do have a willingness to pay for some content though. The poll tax model is just not very efficient or equitable.

Anyway, moving on.

Would it have been technologically impossible to link use of RTE Player, Saorview Box, UPC/Sky subscription to a paid-up licence fee?

Seems to me the difficulty here is organisational, DP law, etc rather than the technology.


Never even plugged it in as far as Ireland is concerned :slight_smile: - 10 years without TV now, 7.5 in Ireland. Any Android or Linux based TV box running Kodi will sort you out. I’d recommend SBCs like the Raspberry Pi (3 now).

I built a box based on the original Banana Pi: running Android, 1TB 2.5"HDD & Mele F10 keyboard/remote, case is 3D printed (BanaNAS), also serves as NAS

Tip for anybody using Kodi: TV Ontario plugin - has a lot of the BBC stuff on demand, no IP blocking.

BTT: Anybody considering that the TV license is kept in place to prop up An Post?


I can’t even teach my father how to use the remote.
devices like the Amazon Firestick are so simple in comparisson to all that.


The social welfare payments are propping up An Post.

A big hoopla was made a few years ago when Social Protection were forced to tender for the service for the first time. AFAIK An Post were the only bidder.

Who else could do it? AIB? Far less rural bank branches now


Licensed Vintners Association? Paddy Power?


This is one of those posts I regard as tantamount to Voodoo - it is powerful, and I cannot fathom it :slight_smile:


Analysis: Broadcasting charge finally shelved after five years … -1.2675979


Meanwhile in Germany you pay a broadcasting charge ‘whether you have a TV or not’

Federal Administrative Court: broadcast contribution is lawful - google translate] -> deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten … htmaessig/


It will be rolled into the property tax I reckon. Same as water charges eventually…


Here’s a new take on broadcasting taxes … -1.2722113


Is that the Nick Kelly of The Fat Lady Sings fame I wonder? I think he was one of the first in Ireland to fund the recording and independent release of an album by crowd sourcing from his fans.


Such a body already exists.

It is callec Aosdána and it’s free money for artists paid for by you and me.

Membership determined by the incumbents, for life, with tax-free loot even if you don’t bother making any art anymore!


'Till death do us part ->


I think Heaney in fairness turned down the money after his own income went stratospheric.

Half of them won’t even turn up for the annual meeting.


RTE financially challenged


Well maybe if you stop paying presenters 200K+ for a 35 hour week…


From Wiki Marian Finucane Salary is as follows:


**Top 10 RTE presenter salaries in 2014:

  1. Ryan Tubridy - €495,000 (-€38,333 on 2008)
  2. Joe Duffy - €416,893 (+€8,004 on 2008)
  3. Marian Finucane - €295,000 (-€275,000 on 2008
  4. Sean O’Rourke - €290,096 (+€71,440 on 2008)
  5. Miriam O’Callaghan - €280,445 (-€21,222 on 2008)
  6. Bryan Dobson - €195,816 (Not in 2008 top ten)
  7. George Lee - €179,031 (Not in 2008 top ten)
  8. Richard Crowley - €174,120 (Not in 2008 top ten)
  9. Colm Hayes - €169,992 (Not in 2008 top ten)
  10. Derek Mooney - €168,871 (- €117,938 on 2008) … 42421.html**



This seemed like a pretty obvious thing when RTE introduced its own player back in the day. I suspect An Post’s lack of IT savvy is the reason it hasn’t been done.

When rolling out the Saorview boxes would it not have made sense to make them only work with some kind of card that worked when license was paid?

I am not a major fan of the license fee model but if you are going to have a tax you shouldn’t make it as easy to avoid as it currently is.


Pretty much every tax in Ireland seems to go like this:

“Behold our new tax! And behold the newly created quango that shall collect it!”
“Yes, compliance is pretty low all right. But it will improve any day now!”
“OK, no-one’s paying this thing. From now on it will be collected by the Revenue.”

They’ve let this play out excruciatingly slowly when it comes to the TV license, but presumably it’ll end up the same way: Revenue collects it (for a fraction of the cost of An Post’s efforts); if you don’t pay, they deduct it from your pay or social welfare. You can avoid paying only by signing a statutory declaration in a Garda station (like licensing a commercial vehicle) that you don’t have a TV, and if you do so you’re subject to inspection and penalties.