iTax - Broadcasting charge 'whether you have a TV or not'


It is essentiay just a hypothecated tax on households.

As such just added to the LPT and collected as such would be by far simplest.


How is the Beeb proposing to police the new iPlayer license?

this would have been expensive to implement and provide ongoing support for. The obvious solution in terms of ease of collection is to roll it into LPT, but that might be politically difficult.


Your point is fair.
I have to say I detest the idea of funding RTE when they are then handing out pay packets like those to the likes of Finucane, Duffy, Tubridy, O’Callaghan, etc., They are beyond useless. I know from folk working there that if you look past the “talent”, then there’s a pretty hefty slice of useless distributed among technical/support roles too (along with some skilled/talented/hardworking bods too).

The postcards from the TV licence outfit keep coming even after you return them stating “there is no TV at this address”, which there isn’t. Had a TV licence inspector at the door asking to come in, right in the middle of getting a baby to sleep. Not that he could know that, but if you’re calling door to door in the early evening you’re going to disrupt family life in various ways (bed times, meal times, etc,.). And when I said I’d rather he’d not come in, he just moves on to next house. How do they ever catch anyone?

I know I’m a grumpy old man on this, but having to continue re-engaging with the topic is irritating, on the bright side, at least it beats actually having to pay money into Joe Duffy’s pocket.


Oh I’m equally appalled at having to fund RTE. But I dislike having to fund An Post at the same time. If I’m going to be screwed I want to be screwed efficiently.

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Phenomenally staggering self delusion. Brexit?


It’s the new Y2K!

And yes, it’s s shambolic decision - get them early? Not for us, thanks…


Even when you do invite them in, they take you at your word and just move on anyway. :laughing:


Yes Brexit. It’s the new Lehman Brothers 8DD


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YouTube Tops 1 Billion Hours of Video a Day, on Pace to Eclipse TV - -> … 1488220851


This isnt surprising. Many unofficially archived programmes there, as well my favourite internet radio streams with guests who permanantly wear tinfoil hats. :mrgreen:


RTÉ want to double the ‘Watch TV’ tax to €320. :unamused: :unamused:
DG Dee Forbes revealed that she believes the current charge of €160 is “incredible value for money”.
“The licence fee is 40c a day. I think it’s incredible value for money… quite honestly I think it should be double that”
Ms Forbes said a tender will be issued this year for a revamp of how the licence fee is collected. She spoke about a model in Italy where collection rates were low and the licence fee was added to electricity bills.


Coming to a property tax near you soon


She must think we are stupid. The oldest trick in the book, reduce an annual cost to a daily cost and pretend its really cheap then.

“Adapt or die” ? You mean, adapt or just continue as you are, being subsidized by the taxpayer.


I think Dee Forbes’s interpretation of “incredible value for money” and mine are slightly different


480K+ to live next to a “Gigantic Radiation Tower”. Would need your head examined :-GC


I assume you are in a vicinity of either a mobile phone or a Wifi signal? Then the “Gigantic Radiation Tower” wouldn’t make no difference.


Aw. The comments aren’t open on the Indo’s coverage of this. :cry:

Thinking about it. That’s more than what my current telly is worth too. If such a ludicrous suggestion comes to pass I’ll be binning the telly.


I’ve no idea what she sounds like but she reads like one of Ross O’Carroll Kelly’s parents :stuck_out_tongue:
‘We should double it and then offer a 10% discount for compliance. Poor people complaining a lot and they don’t know how good they’ve got it Charles’ :laughing:

Some people fly kites, Dee Forbes she flies Hindenburgs. She deserves her own Chuck Norris type meme like: When Dee Forbes dines out, the Waitress tips her !


I’m sure the tender for how the fee is collected will be smashing value also.