iTax - Broadcasting charge 'whether you have a TV or not'


IIRC the an EM radiation survey was carried out (back when people were worried about mobile phone masts) the RTE transmitter was the only one anyway near safety levels


Perhaps I’m being a bit of an eejit, but in the digital age, is such an aerial still necessary ?


ComReg monitor all Non-Ionising radiation levels routinely.

The mobile carriers try and reduce their power as much as possible to reduce costs.


They can achieve the maximum coverage possible without the need for additional sites. Unless they own the land then attaching antennas around the country would require rental.

The lower frequency broadcasts such as FM radio can cover a much greater distance than higher frequency broadcasts due to their longer wavelengths. The bigger the height of the antenna, the bigger the power and the antenna gain, the greater distance covered. It makes sense to have as few masts as possible.


40c a day??? But I haven’t watched TV in several years, so what kind of value is that??? Much better stuff the 40c into my daily beer fund XD


Lordy that’s so negative. (Leaving aside that the fee is 44c per day, not 40c - merely a trivial error)

On a per second basis the fee rounds to 0c per second, so by standard government finance metrics, it’s actually free.

The average pay cost in 2015 per staff member of RTE was 71580 per annum. That’s only €196 per day per staff member. So your licence fee actually (although it’s technically free) pays one very hard working workers wages for almost 7 hours of their time! Worth every free cent.

And the DG only got paid 337k in 2015. That’s only 2106 licence fees. BARGAIN. Or €923 per day. Hardly worth getting out of bed for.


Listened to 20 minutes of Morning Ireland by coincidence following the news of the land sale at Montrose. The level of discussion and analysis they gave it was out of all proportion to the importance of the news. Essentially they were just transplanting the chat from the RTE canteen to the national airwaves.

People criticize “Dublin Media” and RTE in particular for being in a Dublin 4 bubble, but this was really broadcasting from within a pure Montrose bubble.

As an aside: Can’t remember the names of the presenters on Morning Ireland, but there were two men on (one of them Cathal MacSomebody?). Whatever way they have the sound setup you can really hear them breathing while interviewees answer questions. I don’t even have particularly good hearing, but you can count the breaths while listening to the broadcast, almost visualise the nasal hair moving back and forth.

I thought this was the type of thing that good sound production would work around.

As for Marion Finuccane or however you spell her name, awful awful stuff.


Surely such awesome realism is worth 40c/day all on its own!

However, for those of us who never watch any RTE, our 40c/day gets us no more than the privilege of being allowed to press the remote control’s ‘On’ button. Something you don’t use can’t be a bargain at any price.


On morning Ireland, they seemed most concerned over 10% of the apartments being bought by the council.

dont buy the bollocks about threatening to double the license fee when it will increase by 25%


The whole site should be appropriated by the State (oh wait, we already own it) and turned into affordable and social housing.
Isn’t that what Simon Coveney is going on about it all the time?


Building social housing is expensive enough already - no need to go shopping* for the most expensive land available.

(*Or even passing up the opportunity to sell)


Broadcasting charge ‘whether you have a TV or not’ is now ruled out
Amendments incoming - €160 licence applied to electronic devices with screen sizes above 11 inches … 67457.html

Only 32,500 households have no television. I’d have thought it was much higher than that.


How on earth do they think they can police this? Retailers informing the department of communications about sales all screens above 11" ?, what about online sales ? what about… the endless other ways I could acquire one. I pay the license now only because my wife would pay it if I didn’t but I am far from happy about how it is spent - the NSO, Fair city, Eurovision, Ray D’Arcy…


As someone who is in favour of getting rid of RTE, I’m all for the government giving RTE the 100% requested increase.



It’s like a sketch by the civil servants on Irish Pictorial Weekly. ‘What are we going to do about the €40m we’re not collecting ?..I know ! Let’s charge other people €5m !’


An astonishingly stupid idea.

RTE isn’t fit for purpose. It needs to be dismantled, all it’s ‘talent’ sacked (or shot?), the cocaine lifestyle luxury removed and it’s public service aspects strengthened.


make it opt-out rather than opt-in - attach it to electricity bills. If you don’t have a TV you can sign a declaration; big fine for false declarations. Similar system seems to be working OK for motor tax.

(not that I’m a fan of RTE; they could do with major slimming down, starting with RTE2 and 2FM).


Precisely. Very few would actually make such a declaration. Resources could then be focussed on this small number. Much District Court time would be saved as would Garda and Prison Service resource spent on carting non-payers of fines off to jail for an afternoon.

There are currently a mere 55 inspectors - who have no power to enter your property without your permission - for about 400k non-paying households and premises. The current set-up is farcical.


The current setup works quite well for its intended purpose – a backdoor subsidy for An Post.



I would rather just allocate a few specific taxpayer millions to subsidising a network of rural post offices and have the Dáil vote on it every year in place of the current lark.