iTax - Broadcasting charge 'whether you have a TV or not'


One? No, no. You’ll need to rent a decoding box for every device that you want to receive the signal on. I count eight in my house. :slight_smile:


Really? I’ve looked a couple of times and I can’t find any device I want to receive the signal on :angry:


Doesn’t matter. The first decoding box is mandatory. You’ll buy it at the Post Office and there’ll be paid inspectors to make sure you have one. :smiling_imp:


Because that’s been a such a great success in the past. Decoders would only cost RTE more as their core audience already get a tax exemption and even they are tuning in to ETWN.


Or An Post installs an explosive device in every house, and you need the TV licence each year to stop it exploding and killing everyone in your family.


The simplest option it to have a decoder that you enter a number that’s printed on the license using the remote control, or online if it’s a smart TV.
All modern TV’s over a certain screen size has a C1 slot that can take the card decoder on existing sets and new ones would have them built in.
The TV would probably need to have a call home function to stop fraudsters copying the license to friends & neighbours.
Personally, I would prefer if the “fee” was simply paid out of general taxation as it must be hugely expensive to collect & police, relative to just paying RTE out of general taxation.


Still not as bad a fate as sitting through some of the stuff they broadcast.


RTE doing some very good public service broadasting this week…Big Week on the Farm

A calve was just born live on air. My kids loved this last year and are even more into it this year.
Quality TV


Top 10 RTE presenter salaries in 2015: … 89583.html

  1. Darragh Moloney €188,803 (not in 2014 figures)

  2. Bryan Dobson - €195,913 (€195,816 in 2014)

  3. Nicky Byrne €200,583 (not in 2014 figures)

  4. Claire Byrne €201,500 (not in 2014 figures)

  5. Sean O’Rourke - €290,113 (€290,096 in 2014)

  6. Marian Finucane - €295,000 (€295,000 in 2014)

  7. Miriam O’Callaghan - €299,000 (€280,445 in 2014)

  8. Joe Duffy - €389,988 (€416,893 in 2014)

  9. Ray D’Arcy €400,000 (not in 2014 figures)

  10. Ryan Tubridy €495,000 (€495,000 in 2014)


How Ray D’Arcy is gets paid anything is beyond me. As for Joe Fucking Duffy? He knows his role and he plays it well.

Marian Finucan? How many hours a week does she actually work?? Miriam O’Callaghan? 300k for nothing. Bryan Dobson? 200k for reading the news? Jesus Christ!


Why not publish 2016 salaries ?
Are RTE genuinely in fear of theur ‘talent’ being poached ?


In fairness to RTE, they have been cutting salaries (just not quickly enough).
As far as I can tell, only Pat Kenny has left. Sean O’Rourke took over his show afterwards and the numbers actually went up.

Paying a newsreader €180k is unbelievable. Even the BBC only pay that and they are at least ten times the size of RTE.


Who is Darragh Maloney?


soccer/gaa commentator, took over from bill o’herlihy to front the top ticket sporting events


Who is Ryan Tubridy?


He’s a very limited broadcaster who has been hanging around RTE since childhood. Did you know he once reviewed a toy on the toy show…and now he’s presenting it. Isn’t that just a marvellous story !

It’s a programme that no one I know admits to watching and should have been cancelled 20 years ago. But RTE insist on keeping it alive allegedly for the advertising revenue it generates. If it was a character in Game of Thrones it would be part of the army of the undead.


I’ve heard of all except the first three, but don’t listen to any of their programmes, except accidentally.
Can’t speak for TV presenters, as I don’t have one.


I think Miriam’s salary annoys me most from that list

I don’t know anyone who thinks she’s anything but awful


Marian Finucane’s is even more annoying. What does she actually do? Her Wikipedia page says she earned €492k in 2011 for four hours work per week, which is €2.5k per hour! I wouldn’t pay her €2.5k per year. The best quote from the Wikipedia page is: “In 2014, novelist Marian Keyes, who had been on Finucane’s RTÉ 1 show to talk about her new book, told her Twitter followers that Marian Finucane had the ‘compassion and empathy of a cardboard box. Even my mammy called her a bad word’”.


In fairness to Miriam O’C and Sean O’Rourke, they are highly disciplined on air, reflecting a lot of serious preparation.

I haven’t listened to Marian in many years. She always seemed to have just wandered into the studio and started saying whatever half-formed opinion had just entered her head. Guests were inevitably self-serving vested interests who were articulate but had nothing of interest to say.