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Did you ever doubt our economy :smiley:
Remember Brian Cowen said on nation television before the election that recessions were a thing of the past :smiley::D:D
Did you doubt him even for a second?

At this volatile and testing time, I think it is important that we all gather around and ignore anything Bertie says.

Did he really say that?

If the opposition were any use they’d have that ready to use in an ad campaign when the tighten your belts speeches start soon.

An oul’ you tube viral for the local elections

Oh Please!

I don’t for a second want to be seen to defend Bertie, but FG really need to cop themselves on.

What do they suggest? What great plan does FG have that would insulate a country dependant on US multinational jobs from turbulance that’s affecting virtually every stock market in the world?

The only way to be insulated from what’s going on at the moment is to have a completely self reliant inward looking economy, that imports nothing, exports nothing and where every citizens is employed in some sort of great collective furnishing their fellow citizens with only what they need.

Well dammit I want an IPOD and I want it to be made by Apple, not made in a Garage in Tuam by someone who used to play drums for the Saw Doctors. I’m not going to put up with FG demanding a DeValera style utopia.

FG wanted to compensate people who lost money on Eircom, is that their policy for reducing turbulance in the Markets? Encourage risk taking.


What do these proncouncements achieve? People who know what’s going on realise you’re a shower of idiots, and people who don’t know what’s going on couldn’t care less, but assume you’re a shower of idiots.


They could’ve promoted building local businesses rather than promote building houses.

The Eircom handout sounds like something FF would suggest if they’d been in opposition, just yer usual gombeen bollix

yeah he did - Im gonna get the link - it was one RTE and I think it is online , we posted about it at the time.
Would be great to have on youtube.

And your dead right they should have used the good times to promote business other than construction!

I don’t think the eircom compensation proposal form FG is the worst thing you could have a political party for, don’t forget a FF governmnet had a major hand in that debacle and many people did get hurt and it cna be argued on the back of a wheel barrow of shyte from the then minister shyte O’Rourke (15 years to build the Luas)

Its not somehting Governments should really be involved in is it now :wink:
Of course I’m only sore after losing a few quid on eircom :blush: but I wouln’dt have voted FG they are as bad as FF, sure they want to privatise the Bus network.

Back to the issue at hand. I had to laugh nigh! choke when I heard Bertie Bull talk about 1987 crash and how it didn’t effect the Irish ecnomoy, eh did we even have an economy then?
Did we even have a banking system?

Looks like Bertie Bull is still exempt from playing by the tax rules like the rest of us.

Oh christ, I close my eyes pretend I am asleep and if that doens’t do I just eat cake!

Quality rant. 5/5

It doesn’t matter what shennanigans went on, it was an IPO that people bought into, some made money, some lost money. I don’t want any government taking tax money and giving it to people who lost money on an IPO. I don’t even want governments hinting at the possibility of a chance that such compensation is even remotely in the vicinity of being on the table. EVER!!!

Merely mentioning it was enough to give me doubts about FG.

That’s the kind of crap that leaves us where we are today with too many people taking on too much risk and expecting someone else to bail them out. I don’t see people rushing with their new found profits when they do well to contribute a little extra to the public finances.

Sure they could have. But for all their chastising I don’t recall FG beating that drum any more than any other party.

And even if they had would it really have insulated the ISEQ from the current turbulance? Irish owned businesses still need to borrow, Irish banks operate in a global economy.

Claiming that you can insulate yourself from the global economy, while still participating in it, is like claiming that there’s a urine-free lane in a swimming pool.


Get off the fence Rich, tell us what you *really *think… :stuck_out_tongue:

Surely that sudden rate cut in the US was somehting similar, oh but hold on the FED is a private bank! Sorry I am all confused :wink:

Its seems like life is about what ever can get away with for many. Not my style but there you go.

I read a speech Cowen delivered recently, he’s been throwing darts at the board for how we’re going to get out of this mess…

He of course, didn’t say mess, but he said we had solid economic fundamentals which I think is becoming common slang for:

“We are in the shite lads, good and proper”…

Anyway, he’s come up with “achieving the fastest rate of productivity growth in the EU”, he had all sorts of stats to show how we had done this previously but he didn’t mention, how this would be achieved in the future, if it was truly achieved in the past…

Which of course, any person with a grasp on the real fundamentals would…

Yep, and I’ve just been watching Mr Bush at a financial literacy forum talking all sympathetically about “those folks” who bought sub prime loans and didn’t know what they were getting in to.

It really is hard to know what to do any more. You get paid, the government takes a chunk of tax.

With the rest you can save and invest, while your neighbour takes huge risks that they don’t understand and gets into trouble.

The government uses your own tax money to bail him out, and lets the printing press run so that your savings are no longer worth what they used to be.

I just hope I’m right in thinking that in the long run, saving and keeping debts low or non existant will leave you in a strong position when the dust settles as it inevitably must regardless of how much is thrown at postponing it.


The George Best approach is yer only man… :wink:

I think many can empathise with this view point on the pin.

Yes we do :slight_smile:

The last part on printing money wiping out savings, reminds me of 90’s Russia or even present Zimbabwe!

I don’t think things will ever get as bad as Zimbabwe, but if you work for an American company and they start offering you chocolate bars instead of a paycheck, you might want to start brushing up the CV.


Cadbury’s or Hersheys…!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

If it was Lindt I’d consider it a pay rise.