It's a long way to las vegas...


DOI: A Tipperary native :smiley:

What was Las Vegas before the Mafia arrived? A poxy desert abandoned by all but local Indian tribes? Atlantic City was an ingrowing hair on the armpit of America. Macau? You see where I’m going with this.

I’ll grant Quirkey has ambition, even if I think he is overreaching, but location is not really the issue here. Even Monte Carlo is a destination casino by definition. As in, no-one lives there. Or to put it another way, those that gamble come from far, far away.

Thurles is an hour (ok, 70 minutes) from Dublin on the train. The train goes every hour. It comes from Cork in much the same time. Some of ye Jackeens would need to get out of the Pale now and again. Then again, the last time ye went to Thurles for the football, ye got lost. Mind you, no such problems getting to Prestwick or Manchester…

And before you correct me, I realize that you are currently living abroad.

Local opinion on this is deeply divided, but with the newly-announced demise of Templemore, and with Thurles (and all of North Tipperary) devastated by unemployment - even viable industries, such as the sugar factory, have been closed - you cannot blame the locals when they give an, ahem, guarded welcome to this.

Knock Airport, anyone? We even have our own Monsignor Whorin’.


If the law changes tomorrow to allow for casinos in Ireland, what’s not to say that other counties will set up casino’s, that are more attractive than ballyinthemiddleofnowehere, from starting up?


You’re ignoring the population factor to each of your examples.
Location may not be a factor, but access to a large population of potential gamblers certainly is.
Vegas and Atlantic City are located on opposite coasts of the mainland US, Monte Carlo is the gambling capital of Europe and Macau has a massive Asian market.
This is Two Mile Borris. The very idea that Two Mile Borris can sustain a casino is self-evidently ridiculous.
The main transport links are rail and motorway. Is Lowry going to bus tourists from Knock, Shannon and Dublin?


These guys obviously see Europe as their hinterland. This is not a tuppenny-ha’penny project. As to population, I’d wager there is a greater population cohort within 1,000 miles of Dublin than there is within 1,000 miles of Las Vegas. The transport modalities are much the same - by plane for the greater part - and I can only assume that they aim for coach/train tours from Dublin, Cork, Shannon, and so on. You will be picked up in Dublin, waltzed through the beautiful countryside, and arrive in your hotel in 90 minutes. Newark to Atlantic City would take longer.

Gambling tourism is a growing market - you alluded to the Hong Kong Chinese (and others) trekking to Macau in ever-growing numbers - and it cannot be ruled out that hordes will come from the UK and Northern Europe for an experience they might not be able to get around the baccarat tables in Monte Carlo. I mean, it’s not as if Irish people are not making trips to Amsterdam or Thailand for things denied to them here, so why should the good denizens of Europe not venture to a place where they can get some of the best horse racing in Europe, for example, any amount of poker tables, all lubricated by an authentic Irish drinking experience? This plan is so crazy, it just might work…

Side trips to the Rock of Cashel, the Ring of Kerry, and to Connemara. Fishing in Lough Derg, surfing in Lahinch, and so on. There would be no shortage of sidelines to the gambling gig. And the planned reproduction of the Grand Canyon that is planned for Upperchurch will deprive Las Vegas of its USP…


From what I recall Pat Rabbitte is quite anti-gambling as is Joan Burton. One armed bandits are the “crack cocaine of gambling” according to Pat … 97129.html

Neither have really said much since becoming ministers. Maybe they’d grow a spine.


I can imagine some Russian ogilarch or Arab Sheikh, tossing and turning in his bed as he ponders on whether to spend the weekend in Monte Carlo or the replica Whitehouse down in Tipperary.
If these guy’s were Movie Directors, they’d probably financially back Waterworld 2 with Kevin costner.


As tacky as the replica White House is, I defy anyone to tell me how they decry this on the one hand, and then worship at the altar of tack that is Las Vegas. Replica? The whole city is a replica. Or maybe a replicant. (There were Dicks involved either way).

I get ya on the oligarch/sheikh thing, but I think these guys are aiming for a stag party from Gillingham or Groningen.

Always felt Waterworld got a raw deal myself.


Build it in Dundalk then. There’s a race course already there and apparently they also want to build a casino.

Much easier for the lads from Gillingham or Groningen to get to as well.



WGU I salute you sir


This is the business we’ve chosen…


The chinese could come for the gambling and real baileys battered Irish chicken!


Have you been to Vegas yourself Three Quarks?


“I get ya on the oligarch/sheikh thing, but I think these guys are aiming for a stag party from Gillingham or Groningen.” Three Quarks.

Hope the locals have been informed on this business plan.


An Bord Pleanala has lost credibility bigtime over this.


There is an advertisement for this on Miriam O’Callaghans show right now. Complete with Lowry and some guy with more tics than mangy dog.
This is light entertainment? i suppose it is a laugh really!


Feck first you lose an All Ireland then you lose your Casino

Two-Mile Borris mega casino plan shot down by Shatter … 83481.html


Guess the coalition don’t require Lowrys support.


about time this was binned


Hopefull the Tipperary Institute will be next. The most overstaffed, useless college ever. Producing graduates that not even McDonalds would hire.

Lowry, you’ve a lot to answer for.