It's a record!!!



Beating our August high! :wink:



javapie got the 1,000th post today!

And we’ve just got our 100th registered user! And they’re nearly all genuine! :wink:


WOOSH! Budget day mania hits the pin! :stuck_out_tongue:



Is it something about Monday morning blues that causes a spike on the pin?!?! :stuck_out_tongue:


We whooshed over our 3,000th post some point within the last 24 hours…

Quite a milestone really, I’m worried about the next DAFT report and what that will do to the site!!! :open_mouth: :smiley:


Ok, about 2% are spambots but it’s pretty interesting when you come back in the day from June/July of last year when we started this thing.

Forgive us our inadequacies.

We are here for you! :wink:


Got your most users yesterday again, right? 53 on 26 Feb?



So we did. :open_mouth:


8000 posts today.

The 27th March 2007, which also brought us the memorable survey news that intention to purchase property (or demand as it is better known but RTE don’t like to call it that) has hit it’s lowest level in ten years.


I estimate, TUG, that you made ca 15% of those posts.



I try my best.


I think this website is providing an excellent public service, and posters are extremely helpful in providing explanantions and analysis to those of us who are a wee bit wet behind the ears when it comes to matters economic. Great to be getting uncensored news on such a hugely important issue. To paraphrase my shout when I used to sell An Phoblacht: “The pin - read the truth behind government lies!” :smiley:

Well done to all…


Great to hear Johnny.

And it’s all down to posters yourselves! :smiley:



new record

another new one


Missed this but…


Janeymackers… :open_mouth:

Nevermind Daftwatch, where is this all going to end!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yowza! :open_mouth:

Plus, we’ve passed the 30,000 posts mark, probably this week at some point…


And you wrote nearly 10% of them? :stuck_out_tongue:


According to my calculations, my contribution is down to just under 9%, from a high of 15% last time we checked. :wink:

Moving in the right direction, until I posted this.



Congratulations to gurramok especially but more importantly to the broad church of pinsters (bull & bear alike), we’ve had some fun, some laughs, some tears along the way…

It’s been emotional.

But the last word for 50,000 posts to gurramok, with his selection…