Its Friday ... time for a laugh !

I found this by accident.
Honestly, try reading this article from 2007 without laughing !

Some gems …

Wait, it get’s even better. Guess what she’s been doing since the Lehman bust? … burghardt/

Worked for Bush. Now for Obama. Change you can believe in!

Where do they get these people from? Someone needs to tell her she’s not Chuck Norris

Maybe they’re going to ask her what she would do in a given situation, and then do the opposite.

Actually, it wasn’t her, it was Mr. O’Dea…

Laughed very hard today when I heard on the radio that O’ leary is thinking about charging people to use the toilet on his planes

You know what will happen there dont you, people will piss in plastic bottles the staff will kick up and he will be told to piss off or something stronger. 8-

I don’t think people would do that.