It's Happening+++


For those not there from the beginning (31st Oct), it started here -

It has since grown to something like this (there are many links and compilations out there) - … VptcTFWSr4

Update (Mar '19) - additional link to Q drop tracking site:

What did? The biggest conspiracy theory on 4chan since, oh, 30th Oct?

No, rather a long and winding alleged leak in advance of recent events by way of a 4Chan info-dump by either white hats, dis-info from black hats or just the greatest and most imaginative LARP possibly concocted in some basement or activated by interagency deep AI, battling it out for prize of global enslavement of humanity.

To be honest it’s hard to say :slight_smile: yet in internet-land it reached Defcon 1 level of insta-lore following Saudi events with a plot resembling like a classic but epic manga flick and yet to conclude for many.

The graphic indicates 31st maybe it started the day before, do you have a better link? Probably doesn’t matter at this point as it has propagated something mighty! BD

I’m starting to wonder if everything that’s happened over the last couple of years is a vast LARP. It’s like The Matrix without the actual Matrix. I reckon Brexit and Trump were just wargames for events like Brexit and Trump.
Reality can’t be this ridiculous, can it?
Can it? :open_mouth: :confused: :wink:

So is this the after effects of Jade helm 13, the antifa takeover or the gubbmint takin away our guns after the most recent false flag.

There is enough in there to make it compelling:

Recent Saudi arrests in particular Bin Talal
Saudi links to Bush (e.g. Bush got all Saudis including Bin Laden family out of US just after 911 when planes were downed)
Bin Talal links to Obama: … ack-obama/
What connections did Huma have to be intern to First Lady in 1996?
Her mother is professor in Saudi Arabia and I would assume well connected
Bin Talal pops up again owning the top five floors of Mandalay Bay Hotel were mass shooting took place
Very strange actions of TSA in the states as congress is finding they constantly block requests for information
Extremely unusual meeting of Admiral Rogers with Trump and the Obama admins attempts to remove him
Suspicious rocket that was shot down, unusual tweets by Trump about Aramco IPO on NY stock exchange.
Purging of anti-trump faction in Saudi Arabia etc.

The overall thrust is that the US president is a position that can be bought

Realistically no one with Q level clearance is posting on 4chan but it’s a good LARP as these things go.

Seems to be still happening FWIW. :nin

Still pluggin’ away.

Speculative interpretive:

Boom #1 - Cambridge Analytics, (BOOM!) Is this a Facebook takedown?
Boom #2 - SES / Senior Executive Service - Take out the keystone -
Boom #3 - Texas/Austin Bomber blew there-self up today. ???

My head gets sore trying to decipher Qanon

Austin is home to Alex Jones and infowars :smiley: , also Stratfor

One comment about Keystone, I recall this cartoon from my Junior cert history book.

Still happening four months later.

“My fellow Americans… it’s happening” … 5537367040

Something’s happening. … story.html

40,000 sealed indictments - what’s that all about?

[ can no longer ignore Q - what else do they ignore?*media * (The QAnon Conspiracy Has Stumbled Into Real Life, And It’s Not Going To End Well | HuffPost Latest News)

As always the latest Q comms compiled here -

Your first contribution to this thread right on Que, like canned laughter.

So, has it happened?

Yeah I’m still not sure what it is and whether it has happened?

Q has been revealed. … its-leader

If you asked me, and you didn’t, this is as great a place as any if not the best place to start, if you want to understand anything really (
no one understands the title of this thread).

In the case of Q it requires a few things which are not easily accessible to most understandably

A) Being there from the start (I did give ya’ll a decent heads up!).

B) Putting in the hours (equal to a part-time job, utterly thankless), staying up to date.

C) Alternative and comparative sources to backup A & B - *familiar forums, blogs, twitter etc. etc. and blogs that cover the unfolding drops ones that are familiar to you and therefore trusty, i.e. that you know the balance of discernment required to filter signal form the noise.

Different subject matter but it’s basically like the early days of the pin/net of the 00’s but a lot more tremendous. It’s a brilliant execution regardless of what it might or might not be. It’s constructed in a way that has everyone hooked, it’s really simple hook too. It’s easy to spot. :slight_smile:

Here are two popular accompanying commentary/sources which you may find many others from: