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If you’ve paid no attention to Q posts or still can’t get a hang on what it is. These videos give a good insight into the story so far, how it is being perceived by many Americans online. It’s also very much a summary that includes some subject matters like central banking that was an early preserve of early pin discourse.

The first video came out earlier this year, is sometimes hard to find and starts at 2:00 - this versions has an intro by SGT co-opts it for good reason with hindsight it contains a somewhat prescient observation, worth a listen IMHO.

The latest VDIEO has many Americas online pumped and deeply moved.

Clearly it’s not the official narrative. :nin


I like the ending of that second video.

“God will judge our enemies
We will arrange the meeting”


I somehow believe that this US policy anyway… :angry:


The psy-op has taken a break (not the first time).

This is the last Q drop form Oct 10th - chatter is this lull will last 30 days.

Also to note 8Chan (which host these drops now) has been getting hammered the last day or so, heavy hitting attempt take down servers but they seem to be able to cope


Q always sounds like a cheap fortune cookie to me (except maybe with a bit less information content). :wink:


I see you’ve upgraded your intel assessment from* basement dweller *to fortune cookie writer. I’d say that’s progress! :smiley:

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Why anyone watches TV (the news) anymore I have no idea. BD


Interesting hatrick of Q drops

Google Downfall: Did Google Already Give DragonFly Search Engine to China? - Pictured, Fire at building where Google office are located, China.

Examine Google’s Upcoming 10-Q Financial Statements and Follow the Money

Google Executive Dumping Shares



It took me about 30s to tell he’s not dumping shares - the shares owned column shows a large increase which usually indicates a maturing option grant. In this case of approx 80k shares and he has disposed of about 10% of those. The remaining shares have a face value of approx $80m so he’s still seriously vested…


How do you read Q drops?


Or not.
That’s under 10 posts a day; maybe 50 minutes ‘work’ stealing from elsewhere, less if you have an RSS-type feed and an ability to do any sort of automation. Anyone impressed by volume on the internet should take a look at my post count :wink:


Are you sayin you’re a bot? :smiley:

Well I guess fortune cookies could be written by a basement dweller. :slight_smile:
I’m inclined to concur with this item in Vox. Q is for people who want to believe, with each getting to put their own spin on Q’s vague prognostications. I don’t know a great deal about it, but it sounds like they’re the usual conspiracy nuts, racists and anti-semites that are par for the course in the comments section of any vaguely right wing or pro-Trump video or article on the web. I’m not suggesting all Trump supporters are like that, but there is definitely a small fringe who are.


IMHO, this is probably part of a state funded campaign of misinformation which seems to have been started towards the end of the Obama administration.

See also:


The 5th or the 6th were big days for Q were they not? That was D-Day for clearing the swamp, 60K arrests. However I hear the Clintons and Obama are still roaming the street.

I’ve seen tweets of Q supporters starting to look for results.


Well he went on Alex Jones and Pat Robertson shows to pander to these stupid cunts.
Either they are not a small fringe or he has some of these people in his orbit to encourage this, like Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone (who corresponded about how they knew the Seth Rich story was nonsense, another story that appeals to a particular type).


That’s a great place to start.

What’s this?


Maybe where star trek got it’s Q character from?


Jim Rothstein in conversation with Ed Opperman, Ed asks former FBI(NYPD?) agent Rothstein about Qanon, and whether Q is possible that someone that with high level security clearance is letting it known that Trump is rounding up the pedos and traffickers. Rothstein says that it is possible, not the answer that Ed wanted.

BTW, Ed is the only person who I found who really critiques Trump


Of course, saying something is possible does not make it remotely likely. It’s possible that Donald Trump is Michael Jackson in disguise. But it’s very unlikely a priori, and there’s a whole lot of counterevidence.

In Q’s case there’s the counterevidence that all his important claims turned out to be bullshit. And his subsequent posting style would make the cheapest Chinese fortune cookie look like highly specific, well-crafted prose.

In short, you have to weigh up the possibility that Q could be on the level against the evidence that it’s unmitigated bollocks.