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Is it a LARP? Maybe, maybe not. 8kun post says this week is showtime. “What happens this week will change history.”

Dear Patriots,
Some of you may recognize my name. I have daily briefings with POTUS and have posted here before a handful of times as a “helper”.

What I’m about to disclose is the most important post you’ll read before the inauguration. Q will not post here again, at least not for a while. The operation is ongoing but must run silent at this point. Once we wind down you will not hear from Q again. Don’t let this worry or upset you.

We are in perhaps the most critical juncture of American history. POTUS is fully aware of the gravity of this time period. We have prepared from before 2015 for this exact moment. I am not asking for faith in us. Q should have already used logic, reason, and multiple proofs to establish our credibility.

What happens this week will change history. We are asking you for now to stay in your homes and do not under any circumstances interfere with the operation. You’ll soon see things unfold that many would think impossible. POTUS is insulated and 100% safe. Our plan is almost complete. The DS has already lost. Everything you’re seeing in the MSM and on Twitter is a last ditch attempt. Why has Kamala not yet left the senate? Where is Joe? Where is Joe really? Hunter has turned himself in.

We asked you at the beginning to prepare. Your role is crucial and your task is to help the population deal with what is about to be revealed. Those patriots who have been here from the start will understand and recognize this directive.

Remember, it is always darkest before the dawn. Do not believe the MSM over the next week. Do not for a single minute give them any credence. We have legally won this election and what comes next is the greatest mop up job in the history of the world.

Patriots, we thank you. We could not have gotten here without you. Now is our time. Hold the line.

You will receive no further messages on this channel from us until the operation is over. At that point, the entire world will know.
Thank you and God bless. Pray for us, POTUS, and the United States of America. We are in the most dangerous phase and the stakes could not be higher.


Yawn. Another big fat mystery nothing. It is embarrassing, really.


Define Evergreen

Feb 12 2020


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: df18d2 No.8113297 📁|14x14
Feb 12 2020 11:45:18 (EST)


The lines are drawn.
Define Renegade [Hussein USSS code name] .
Standard definition.
Define Evergreen [HRC USSS code name]
Non-standard defintion.
Think depopulation.
The Silent War continues…

Apr 27 2018


Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 3c7fe2 No.1203338 📁|14x14
Apr 26 2018 21:01:50 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 1a6ee7 No.1203096 📁|14x14
Apr 26 2018 20:50:10 (EST)


Q -

Thank you for arriving. Frustration is very high.
Can Marshalls physically remove texts, tapes, etc.???

We have it all.
The right people have the information.
GOOD people are acting on the information.
Think GOOG.
Think ES departure.
Think NK.
Many drafts.
Many shared users [foreign & domestic] .
Variable access.
Fake emails.
Game forum comms.
New intel revealed today.
Gmail comms.
[R] .
[EG] .
Define Evergreen.
When do you call a plumber?
Ongoing investigations require……
Q [auth478-24zgP]