It's only a game.....

Don’t know if this is the right place to post this… but

Brilliant! 8DD

class :wink:

That’s classic. First time in my life I ever got up off me arse and looked at something upside down on my computer !

Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow

Wonderful! Heartiest congratulations to whoever created it.

now on my Facebook Page thanks!

:slight_smile: Thanks for the tip xman. I was doing an HBR too.

Love the game. :smiling_imp:

Brilliant, cheers biggywiggy.

hats off!

A friend emailed en masse, me included, before I saw it on the pin, and he got it elsewhere than on the pin, I think…so more than just pinsters are seeing it?

I’ve had it emailed to me from other sources also - seems quite popular.

How do you get it on to your facebook page?

I got this in an e-mail yesterday from a 19 year old FF voter :open_mouth:

I right-clicked on it, selected save image (to my PC), then went to facebook and posted in on my wall as a photo and said “share”

about as common as unicorns I’d say…

Holy Shit. That actually worked. Cheers. ! 8DD

After a couple of days of “mature reflection” I have decided my favorite game part. Collecting 2 million Euros every time you pass the Galway Races tent. Classic !