Its the Empties Stoopid (Part the XVI, The Map)

This from the Irelandafternama blog, note that completely empty estates are not counted AT ALL in this work of Green genius by Ciarán Cuffe.

Note further that none were built before 2007.

Finally note that no work has been done on the one offs.

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It’s a bit of propaganda. If you were to look at absolute numbers, there would be a great shift towards the cities. Because while there were a disproportionate number of ghost estates in the less occupied s.23 counties, Dublin has more empties than other counties in absolute numbers.

It’s easy to say “sure all the empties are in Leitrim, let’s ignore them”. It’s much harder to ignore all the empties in our cities, which could be occupied but aren’t.

€5m fund made available to fix up unfinished estates … 46304.html

Yeah, the ratio of homes which appear to be executors sales in Dublin is pretty astounding.

Naturally that €5m was never spent so Phil Hogan gets to announce it again. The only interesting news is that of the 350 estates that will get €5m spent on them…a whopping €15,000 each or so :frowning: 180 of the 350 have been abandoned by their developers AND ARE NOT IN RECEIVERSHIP!! Many of the other 170 estates are in the hands of receivers with relatively few in the hands of nominally trading entities. … 78637.html

Irresponsible developers and Honour Willie ??? Pahhhh :frowning: