It's the Empties Stoopid Part the XXVIX (Ghestate Arbitrage)

Ghost Estate is sooooo 2009 along with uggs and oompa loompa makeup, can I shorten it to “Ghestate” mods …puhleease ???

Anyway I was struck that the Cuffe Report , a pathetic whitewash, was an attempt to quantify the liability of local authorities to take in charge and complete estates …following locially from which by far the cheapest solution will be to move certain parties out of a Ghastly Ghestate to a nicer Ghestate and to demolish rather than complete that particular Ghestate.

And then it struck me that there may be a business model here. Let’s say one buys a gaff for €10k in a Ghastly Ghestate in the North Connacht Ghost Estate Belt. Say >> HERE purely by way of illustration ??

Then you write to the County Manager demanding they take it in charge and call in the completion bond and finish the estate. The County Manager will have a conniption. So then they may make you an offer so they can flatten the gaff and topsoil it instead that being by far the cheaper option.

So you say grand, you will agree to shag off to a completed estate instead. So you accept a gaff in lieu >> HERE instead which is much nicer…and you can park your boat at the bottom of the estate and all :slight_smile:

And all of this will only cost you €10k…the boat probably costs more. Would any pinster indulge in this form of Ghestate Arbitrage for themselves ???

There is normal insane property speculation, and then there is this! Unless you are an insider I would not be expecting the government to do you any favours.

You would be surprised at who has ‘reached out’ to 2Pack over the years…even I am :smiley: