Its the empties- stupid!- anecdotal

Driving around midleton (Cork) this weekend

Broomfield Village
3-4 apartment blocks empty with the internals NOT finished (just a shell)
2-3 Apartment blocks with one occupier only
20-30 houses completed and empty

Ballymacoda (a TINY village in east cork)
30-60 houses standing derelict (Block shells and roofed)

Castlemartyre (A cross roads??) from nowhere to somewhere
upto 50-100 houses 90% finished and abandoned.

These places are Ghosttowns. looks like the Developers walked of the face of the planet.

WRT to Ballymac and Castlemartre, they haven’t changes in 8 months since i was last there.

In broomfield, the house are strangely empty, yet the developer (MCinerny) is still building.

VERY,VERY, conspicuous.

Ballymac is a good hour from Cork city with bad roads so it’s no good as a commuter village. There is also bog all to do. It’s a nice enough spot in the summer though so they might have been hoping to make holiday homes out of them.

Had a dander out to Whitechurch (Co. Cork) the other day - tiny village with a load of new estates being built round it - except they are not. There was some activity here and there but it looked like tidying up - no actual building going on that I could see.
Must get me camera out and have a good look. Mind you the houses I did see looked nice - good size and with some character - not the usual cram-em-in-tight “townhouses” we are seeing on Carr’s Hill and so on.

I remember driving through Whitechurch last year and it looked like a pretty nice spot.
I’m kindq of torn about where to look at to be honest. I’d like the idea of a bit of ground of my own maybe towars Innishannon but then you have the commute to the city and dropping the kids to school, plus petrol prices. Buy in the suburbs and you lose the peace and quiet but the kids can walk to school and I can cycle. tough one. At least I have a year and a half to think about it.


I know one Eastern European shopowner who is winding down the shop
to close by June because most of her customers have said they’ll be
gone home by then.
This is not in Dublin however. Down the sticks.

I know a lot of Eastern Europeans who have lost work and are gone/thinking about going home.You only have to look at the Super Valu/Spar etc notice boards to see people looking for work and offering their services. definitelt a large increase recently. Have you noticed how quiet the traffic has become since Easter?

Traffic in Galway is back to 2002/2003 levels in many places .

A LOT fewer delivery trucks and vans about . I noticed it all year TBH .

N17 and Claregalway Bypasses now cancelled unless some PPP nibbles.

N18 possibly cancelled too (Oranmore - Crusheeen) more anon when I get the info

Dublin will swallow up disproportionately large amounts of transport funds from 2010 onwards for the Metro, no road jobs to start west of the Shannon this year is what I just heard …or next year or the year after .

Dublin also swallowed up half the road budget for 2008 and 2009 what with the M50 upgrade etc.

A relative told me the irish lads they were using for the latter half of 07 on an extension hadn’t turned up (excuse after excuse) to finish it for weeks. It’s liveable but not finished externally as per agreement.

So the remaining work has been handed over to a polish crew they got chatting to in town one day. They get the outstanding monies as far as I know and started within days.

Irish Examiner Classifieds 18/04/08
Ballymacoda 3 bed townhouse 200,000.