it's time to buy

Saw this new advert put up in drogheda

What the hell is it with ads for property that have an indiscriminate use of quotation marks?

Sick of renting, own “your home”!


Maybe they mean its time to buy gold (in the form of trophies) and batten down the hatches.

EA’s and their spelling - they forgot the w in wrath.

In what context is this “Ireland most successful development”?
Most successful unsold development in commuter land?

Nah its probably the most suckers in the one place at the same time. :angry:

i had the same thought. whatever the category, the indo must have been the judge. … 95260.html … 01482.html

although the auctioneers favourite word is also successful so there is a good chance he “wrote” the articles in the indo also

EA also local FF councillor father to Thomas byrne FF TD

this development is one mass mismatch of estates built in stages

they also won the race to have the first million euro house a couple of years back

I’m sure mr byrne will poll well at next local election or perhaps they won’t bother voting at all and he will sneak in again

There you go, fixed that for ya! :slight_smile:

Fuck me, a million for a house in an estate in Drogheda :unamused: , and you can’t even walk to the train from it.

ill have 16 3/4 please

ill gladly pay you in wine corks and empty beer bottles