Designed to fail.

Funnily enough people have been conducting their own personal trials and it works.

The World wide trial of ivermectin has been running since last year, right across the world. India probably leads the way in terms of state led and promoted use in terms of people, but make no mistake, ivermectin has been winning since 2020 before the governments could even shill their pharma poisons as salvation.

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Soft Landing Deniers

All the bought and paid for Irish media can burn in hell and they will metaphorically speaking.

If you are a journo. Start thinking about how a blog works or learn to code yea. :man_shrugging:

A new trial of Ivermectin on Covid-19 patients in Irish hospitals aims to address once and for all contentious claims of it being a wonder drug that holds the solution to the pandemic.

The veterinary drug — a parasite treatment primarily for animals but also humans — is being touted by conspiracy theorists and Covid-sceptics as a ‘miracle’ cure for the virus, even though it is not an approved treatment in Europe because of the lack of convincing scientific evidence.

Professor Alistair Nichol, the clinical investigator who is leading the international trial, hopes the findings will dispel uncertainty.

The main benefit is that it prevents people going into hospital and that is that, what was Zelenko’s score 6000 treated, 0 dead. There is another doc out there to posting similar numbers

Irish media is like teh shot, poison. It’s poisoned by funny money. It’s a sick puppy operation and the proof exists. They are committed to the lie and are stickpin with it. Big name papers. They’re all in on it.

Please if you can, post archived links, especially when the bait and switch the popular article to behind the paywall, they deserve ZERO traffic but I understand if you’re in a rush.


How to ‘create’ archived link? Tks

Go to archive.is or archive.md I think archive.ph is another.

Copy & paste link into bottom box to check if it’s been archived already.

If not it will ask do you want to archive it. Copy & paste into the text box on that page & press yes. May be fast or slow then depending on queue.

Tks. Will try to remember.

It’s especially useful in case they alter headlines, or issue “corrections” :smiley:


Bad MATH+? Covid treatment paper by Pierre Kory retracted for flawed results – Retraction Watch

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What was the nature of the error?

Comments are a great read.


Bill to make Ivermectin available over the counter in New Hampshire.

Well now. Reuters nonetheless.

Japan's Kowa says ivermectin showed 'antiviral effect' against Omicron in research | Reuters

Over 1.6 million units of illegal medicines detained by HPRA

including 28,302 units of Ivermectin

Dr Campbell explains the results of some of these studies.

Excerpt / video from call between Lawrie & Hill last year about the Ivermectin meta-analyses.