Regarding the conclusion in Andrew Hill’s study & the coincidental €40,000,000 in funding received shortly thereafter by CELT group in Liverpool.

More evidence that Ivermectin really did save lives.

Uttar Pradesh Officials Set the Record Straight: Ivermectin Used Successfully to Combat COVID-19 in the Northern Indian State

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Ivermectin tending on Twitter, currently at 16.2K tweets.

Prior to 2020 prescriptions were running at an average of 30 per month. During 2021 this had risen to around 50 per month, and for the data given for 2022 (up to October) the average number of prescriptions written per month had risen to almost 120 — that’s a fourfold rise compared with the pre-2020 rate.

Of course, I don’t know why this rise has occurred — here are a few guesses as to the reason:

  • Perhaps we’re seeing a sudden and dramatic rise in cases of River Blindness in the UK.
  • Perhaps some GPs decided to deworm their horses, but couldn’t be bothered to see a vet about it and instead wrote themselves a prescription for Ivermectin pretending that it was for a nematode infection (as they’re not allowed to prescribe medicines for horses).
  • Perhaps a few GPs decided to take note of multiple sources of evidence suggesting that Ivermectin was effective as a prophylactic and treatment for Covid, pretending that it was for a nematode infection (as they weren’t allowed to prescribe it for Covid).

If it was the latter, it was nice that these GPs could prescribe themselves Ivermectin, while the rest of us had to resort to borrowing some from a neigh bour.