Ivors Resigned, From Fianna Fail.

Only from FF so don’t get too excited.

I was hoping the prick would stick around & drag the whole edifice down with him :imp:

Cue the swell of sympathy from constituents ‘weet bugmin aksins’.



I’d say they are thrilled to be finally rid of the eejit.

Yes this is all grossly unfair.

I would say Ivors conduct was entirely in keeping with the lofty standards and ideals of our ruling political class.

His only mistake was getting caught.

Does anyone else feel sick that this prick is willing to leave the party “for the party’s sake” yet is not willing to fuck off out of the senate for all our sakes ?

Smacks of … FF first - the people somewhere later down the line - the right thing only if I make cash out of it.

Jody must be very upset.

An we’ll all lose sleep over that Im sure. XX

Many moons ago ( the 80’s ) I had a job that involved Senate reports . I came across one that listed how meny days each Senator spent in the Senate and how meny words each one had spoken during debates for the year . A lot of them had a zero beside their names . I really wondered what was the point . The point is that it is a wage for failed TD’s and party hacks . Nothing more .

Reminds me of Tull McAdoo TD, John B Keane’s carachter from “Letters of a successful TD”

Someone remarked “Tull is thirty years in Dail Eireann and only ever opened him mouth to pick his teeth”

He can’t and won’t leave the Senate, he needs the money. That’s the long and the short of it. He’s also a delusional weasel, obviously, but the bottom line is the money.

And therein lies the problem.
Everyone knows that the senate is a complete and utter waster of money.
But no political party has the will to do it because, as soon as they are in power, it becomes *their *method of political patronage.

You and OJ Ivor

Is that not the guiding principle of FF? As we have seen in so many other instances…



What’s grossly unfair is having to see that mug after I’ve had a nice lunch!

Oh come on. She’s a class act.

Is he talking about himself or Ivor?



Dan likes to talk , its just a pity that he never actually says anything .