Ivy Lodge, 62 Belmont Avenue, Donnybrook (-250k, -18%)

1.4m -> 1.15m
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/3098156
4 Bed Period House 2128 ft² / 197.7 m²
No BER. Tut tut tut.

It’s ancient, therefore exempt. We’re definitely talking about a BER of Brrrrrrr, though - must be freezing.

What an odd one to price. Initially I thought 1.15mm was a steal given the garden is huge and the location is brilliant.

But the house isn’t overly attractive. You’d really want higher ceilings from a period home.

Tough one to call.

Look at the street view and you’ll see what it use to look like before the ahem cover up :angry:

What’s the cover up?

The cover up?

The house looked like it was very bad condition prior to it being put on the market. (I walk past it every day)

By the look of the picture of the front facade I would say it may only be cosmetic works. (Still think the asking price is way too high - it is the quieter side (traffic wise) of Belmont Avenue and off street parking is an advantage)

Saying that I watched a house go up for sale in Ranelagh and the decorators have just been round to paint the facade.

I think you’re right about the asking.

It looks pretty cosmetic too

Based on what? Yes, €1.15m is a decent chunk of money, and you’d have no problem sinking €500k+ into it for a total renovation and two-storey extension to bring it to 3,000sqft, but what else is better value on the market at this reduced price? Let’s not forget that it is also non-basement and has the best garden of any house for sale in the area. Obvious negatives already mentioned - it lacks any form of grandeur and is more of a country farm house than a period pile, which will certainly put some people off who want high ceilings, cornice work, etc.
It isn’t my cup of tea for a few reasons, but the price isn’t way too high IMO. Let’s see what the PPR says in a few months 8DD

Speaking of the garden, you will notice a big two storey house at the end of it, not that it affects it in any way, apart from the fact that there’s no access to the garden from the rear.

4.5 years later and it sold twice, first for €1.052 million in 2015, now for 1.93M https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/homes-and-property/new-to-market/transformed-donnybrook-farmhouse-makes-its-return-for-1-85m-1.3983911.

Lots of work done but this must be one of the most profitable flips in recent times. 80K. above asking and, I would guess, over 500 K. net profit.