Jack O' Connor on Morning Ireland

Anyone catch Jack O’Connor on Morning Ireland, applauding Country Tom, and banging on about encouraging young people to go out and buy houses. Priceless pleistocene economics from the biggest dinosaur of the lot.

I heard this peace of nonsense.
Take government reserves and give it to banks that they will lend money to people to buy houses to help our builders:)
I liked another piece where builder said that he was earning 25€ / hour and he will not work for minimum wage because he has to pay mortgage!

Who is Jack ?

President of SIPTU

One of the lads driving jobs out of Ireland. (=union boy)

That’s just tosh

The single biggest contributer to wage and price inflation in Ireland has been the property bubble.

The single biggest cause of our lack of competitiveness

2 bed apartment next to a motorway for 600k and we wonder why the plebs are asking for more wages?

Unions defend those who have made least hay. While Jacks Grasp on the finer points of Parlons brilliant scheme are a little shaky attacking the minimum wage is going to have little or no effect.

That guy on Gerry ryan yesterday my heart went out to him… suddenly dawning on him that he can’t afford his gaff if he takes another job. And Gerry the smug so and so with his free property market friends and his expensive Krug habit showed all the sympathy of Marie Antoinette…

lots of builders estate agents and mortgage brokers going to lose gaffs over the next couple of years.

To those of you just hanging on

get out while you still can.

The stuff is still too dear.

the unions do their bit to move jobs out of the country, I see it every day. Lads in well paid low skilled jobs listening to their union cheerleaders looking for more, then management cry enough and its game over, welcome to Chindia.

But why are they looking for more dosh?


the single biggest reason is that the banks and government have made living so bloody expensive

section 23 and the fianna fail bribe takers poisoned the Celtic Tiger.

Its not always about more dosh though, its refusing to accept new work practices etc. its taking the p1ss with sick days etc. etc. There is a menality in Irish multinationals of get a nine or ten years under your belt and try to close the place to get the sweet redundancy package, then move onto the next multi and repeat.

Rubbish - unions aim to defend their members (and can easily be counter-productive), regardless of hay, logic or anything else.

:question: there ain’t no unions in the multinationals…

Whilst I wouldn’t necessarilly disagree with the rest of your post this is patently untrue.

The vast majority of low income workers are non-unionised. The majority of union members in Ireland are public service, or ex-public service, employees.

What the Unions do and what they should do in Ireland are 2 different things altogether.

Who stood up for the GAMA workers? It wasn’t their union.

Since when? Some don’t have a union but many do.

Most Multinantionals I know of are non unionised.

There are a couple of former state companies where the cap fits unions aren’t an issue in the biggies that I’m aware of.

When the age profile of the workforce moves to a higher paid more disgruntled less felxible mid thirties to forties that’s when it happens.

The cheap cheerful and flexible 24 year old that joined and only cared about going on the piss and chasing birds is now a stressed 34 with two kids and a jumbo mortgage sold to him by the High priesthood of the Keltic Debt Lemming.

He sees that what’s coming down the road is coming and the fact is that in most multinationals labour unrest here has been a fraction of what one would have lesewhere in europe and social costs are a fraction.

It’s as likely a case that the multis have milked the grants, and are now lookiing to realise the value of any fixed assets and relocate to a nominally cheaper location.

But more importantly and this is a killer.

Senior Expat americans don’t want to relocate to Ireland because


many multinationals are having difficulty attracting european staff because property and rent is too goddamn expensive.

Offices are being relocated because Pedro and Jeann Pierre and Stanoslav are fed up paying canny his exorbitant souped up fantasy rent on that 2 bed shoe box and the Multis are fed up subsidising it.

So to me more important that any other single factor has been our Kamikaze propety policy

You’d have thought that a union leader would have a more sophisticated understanding of the problem.

Analogy time. Arriving at the scene of a car crash Jack suggests that the passengers get back in the ruined car with the drunk driver and hit the road again. :confused:

Which brings us nicely back to Jack and his SIPTU & ICTU (and more recently CIF) brethern who want to ressurect this policy.

I think Jack was on a solo run there…#


I hope was!!!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I wouldn’t bank on it. ICTU have a lot to lose here, loss of membership if they don’t score at pay talks (or loss of membership payments in the case of large scale redundancies) but loss of influence and access to people in high places if they pull out.
Even a short lived artificial surge would be enough to get all the bulls spouting recovery theories, and let Jack and the boys walk out of the talks with an extra couple of % to keep the membership happy.

Bingo !!

Lets not act as if the Unions aren’t VIs as well.

I work for one of those Multis that are allowed to ignore unions & I’ve never felt at a disadvantage over it, because the structures in place within the company made a Union worthless & counter-productive.

I remember when I joined the company my Father heard it was non-Union & said, “Good, all they give a damn about anyway is getting their dues.”.

The unions have been milking the Celtic Tiger ( Ugh ) over the last number of years & they, more than most, of the VIs are going to feel the pain of the collapse of the construction industry.

If a chippie goes off to work in the UK he’s not going to keep paying dues over here.