Jackie Healy Rae & a new 40-bed community hospital

I’ve used the kerryman.ie as the source. Seems appropriate. It might be that Healy Rae is spoofing, but this is no way to govern a country.


Let’s all pull together - mehole!

Michael Healy Rae on Newstalk now, wankers.

If this was acted out as part of a comedy program, the producers would be accused of racism (kerryism??).

Why is there no outcry??

Fuckin’ country does my head in…

Gombeen man is alive an well in the Dail while stoneage man is meandering all over the place wearing a fu**in andy cap hat an blackmailing the country. They make the mafia look like a charity.

TD for Kerry South Jackie Healy Rae indicated last night he will also support the Budget after striking a deal with the Government on a hospital for Kenmare.

breakingnews.ie/ireland/coun … 37479.html

You scratch my back I scratch yours . 8-

Nothing will ever changed…

Meh - looks like a face saving press puff piece.

No hospital in Kenmare.

Bogman Jackie couldn’t give a flying fuck. It would actually suit his purposes to have someone kill this after the headlines and then have his son be the one who delivers it.

Jackie’s retiring and Bogman Mickie is the spawn-apparent - so there is no political capital in having Jackie deliver this. A few bits in the paper for a face saving exercise - so he can back the government - and then have it pulled by some Dublin Yahoo only for Mighty Mickie to ride to the rescue at election time.



:open_mouth: Never thought of that. Woaw.
Its not a pleasant play to watch tho… The actors are kind of, well, really ugly…

Whilst there is no doubt Mighty Mickie will indeed inherit the cap probably at the next GE, there is still no guarantee that he will have any influence with a new govt. i.e. there could be a queue within FG/Lab. to tell him go fuck himself and his 40-bed cottage hospital in Kenmare (hopefully !)

The only way to get rid of Healy Rae , Grealish , Lowry …Fox and Gildea before them and similar ambitious small town greaseballs and their crappy little hospitals is:

  1. Reduce Dáil to c.120 TDs which is no problem within the existing constitution.
  2. Put them in 10 member super constituencies instead of 3 seaters and 5 seaters

Jackie and Dolly are but a logical conclusion of the current arrangement. If you get rid of Jackie and Dolly then some pothole candidate will get in in Tipp or a hospital candidate in Meath and you solve nothing.

This is scandalous.

I wonder how the flooding victims outside of Noel’s Constituency feel about the Galwegians getting a bigger digout.

You must be mad if you think that Noel cares about anything east of Athenry or south of Ardrahan :frowning:

Noel wants Lowry and Healy Rae terms in the FF chief whips office. That means he gets told same time as O Cuiv about any expenditure so he can press release his claim to have influenced it, and ahead of Fahey who is no longer a minister:D

That is all he cares about, not the people of Claregalway…just Noel.

Even though I’m distantly related to him (how’s that for a claim to fame), you’d have to hope that come the next election he’ll get shown his a**e. What a selection of pi$$ poor politicians Galway West has by the way… sleeven frank, multi-personality noel, civil-war-time eamonn-o, ciunas mccormack, and away-with-the-fairies Michael D. Can any other constituency even come close to a collection like that???

South Kerry has JHR and The Bull O’Donoghue - it’s not quantity, it’s quality!

Almost couldn’t believe when I read this. What a cnut. Not surprised that the country lies in shambles if you have people like that as elected TD’s. Wonder if this kind of deal adds to the corruption index…

He can promise as many hospitals as he likes in South Kerreh…but there will be no-one to run them with the embargo on recruitment. maybe he only wants them to be built…

When Tony Gregory levered deals for his Inner City constituency, he was the champion of the people, a great worker for his area and a tireless defender of the needy.

Jackie Healy Rae does the same for Kerry and he is a disgraceful stroke merchant, a gombeen man and a national embarrassment.

I dont see the issue with this? :wink: :angry:

At the time I was disgusted by the Gregory deal but I recognized him as a deeply realistic (i.e cynical) politician who knew how profoundly rotten the Irish system was. So when he was presented with the perfect opportunity to screw the system and deliver some goodies to his constituency he went for it. And if you had walked around Summerhill in the late '70’s and saw the squalid poverty of the slums and of the people forced to live in them I dont think you would have begrudged them either. That is one deal that has materially improved the lives of a large number of people who were living in terrible conditions.

JHR on the other hand is just your average scumbag politician and those who vote for him are just your average gurriers looking for hand outs at the expense of every one else.

Gregory’s motives and the needs he was addressing were undoubtedly more worthy than Healy Rae’s. Nevertheless, it amounts to the same thing. As an earlier poster said, the only way to eliminate this is to drastically reduce the number of TDs and make them all legislators for the country as a whole. And wailing about a lack of representation should be ignored because the current system is anything but democratic.