Jackson Way

Remember the Jackson Way debacle ?

Were the real owners ever identified ?
I had heard various rumours about the main beneficiaries - very political … but not to the party you most expect !

I heard one of the main parties is deceased.

I also heard FF are trying to tar everyone.

I ain’t a Mod but I would advise folks to be exxxxxtremely careful about speculating about this.

This is a place marked, “Here be Dragons”, on the map :slight_smile:


as a guideline, don’t post unsubstaniated rumours on this thread

No names mentioned.

well folks, if we were to follow the money where do we start. as this was a property bubble, should we start with the property and work back? i like jigsaws, but they do require patience. but once they’re finished everyone recognises the big picture. shell companies can still exist off the books.

To be honest, I never would.
Sometimes when I havent heard of any news in a while, I wonder if I missed something.
It appears, in this case, I havent.

Ok. Nothing to see here, please move on.

Jim Kennedy the slum slot machine arcade owner remained throughout in the Isle of Man and refused to assist the tribunals in any way or to travel to Ireland . The tribunals intended to ask him a lot of questions on Jackson Way .

The beneficial owners are specifically unknown , the CAB has sequestered the land and the monies due for the motorway .

As Kennedy was not showing up in Ireland ( nor has he since) the Business Post had this to say on the subject in 2002 . I feel that nothing substantive has changed since since .

archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … 947528.asp

These people will never come forward now !

If CAB cannot establish a clear owner and the paper trail is deliberately opaque with loads of phantom shell companies, then should it simply not be seized by the State? There’s bound to be some sort of “strong suspicion of illegality” law they could dust off.

Seize it and then let the owners come forward to prove their (legal, non-corrupt) ownership :nin

I believe that is what they have done, but following due process to do this takes a while!

Of course occasionally the state can do something right:


Indeed, when I saw the Opening Post, I also thought of that comment in Deep Throat’s post.

Here is one connected individual - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liam_T._Cosgrave

Goodness, if we see this used as a precedent by the CAB across the country, the state’s tax coffers will soon be overflowing again… 8DD