January Exchequer Statement

Thought it was today .

Excise at 2003 levels I will predict in advance .

Overall Income at 2004 levels and expenditure at 2006 levels .

Brian C will be roaring across the room at the unions after this comes out …if he has any backbone that is !

Tomorrow - 4.30pm.

On an interesting note the Dept has failed to produce the monthly profile of income and expenditure that is always available before the end of January - ominous!

It would be best to keep the unions in the room until at least 4.30pm tomorrow and to send them out to talk to the media at precisely 4.32pm …before resuming .

The unions will try to bugger off at 4.10 pm and not come back until George Lee has left 8)

I reckon excise will be €300m tops , lowest since 2003 and I shudder to think of overall receipts and expenditure both , I would say below €4bn receipts and in extremis €3.5bn

SBP said €4billion down from €4.6billion, there is a thread on it. I reckon we are now facing a tax take of maybe less than €35billion this year. I suspect all tax heads will seriously disappoint. This could also put the deficit out to €25billion this year and close to 15% of GDP as the economy tanks 7%+.

On a related note, George Lees dry cleaner told me that George collected a lovely black suit from them today !

woo, nobody wears black like our George.

Yip. No doubt about it. George has ample style and with his good looks to boot I intend to keep my wife far far away from him.

Use proper titling in this thread gents, the name is either “Honest George” or “Furious George”!

By the sound of it Mrs. BB reckons it’s Gorgeous George 8)


Mrs BoE has pointed out that its Balding George recently…pulling his hair out in frustration?

More to come.

JESUS CHRIST. Down almost €900million from €4.6b to €3.7b!!!
finance.gov.ie/documents/exc … qjan09.pdf

Oh, they timed the cowen speech perfectly

[*Link * (gov.ie - Department of Finance)

how are da fundamentals lookin KN?

You have it in one, IMO, given the total non-content of the speech.

Will we make it to April before calling in the IMF?

Will we be able to afford the phone call? :open_mouth: