Japan.... A story of love and hate

Programme on BBC4 about Japanese working poor.Basically a 57 year old bloke who lost everything in 1992 and his much younger girlfriend who both work very long hours now for very little pay. Living in a shoebox apartment.

Victims of a property boom.

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I love japan

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be afraid

I’ll have whatever he’s having… 8DD

Just remember OW; Microwave Good, Chip pan bad!!

A most compelling argument. BD

I saw this - the bit where he goes to see the future father in law is priceless (hes pinning the daughter for five years and this is the first time hes visited!), especially the bit where the narrator presents the father in law with a formal gift of an envelope containing a couple of tabs of viagra. The prospective son in law then pipes up “Yea, his dick doesnt work” (this on his first visit!!!)

Then they all go to a bar and sing karaoke for the night…

My F-I-L would probably have taken the twelve gauge out of the broom cupboard if I’d dropped that one on the first social call…

Yoga before work in the post office, a cool Honda 50, moodily lit apartments,hunting mushrooms in the mountains and loads of fags and sake - lads WE NEED A LOST DECADE NOW!!!

The scenes in his office where they did morning exercises were unbearable looking, ‘a communist version of capitalism’. But the bit with the in-laws was hillarious, but even the head of that family admitted they were considered strange by their neigbours.