Japan: Bubble prophet fears new disaster


Bubble prophet fears new disaster -> search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/ … 319f1.html

The Japanese public are the main holders of Japanese debt and Japan generally runs a trade surplus with the rest of the world. So Japan is simultaneously capitalised while the damage from any default means mostly the Japanese people that the hit.

EU railway firms call on Japan to play fair -> japantoday.com/category/busi … -play-fair

Not only that these guys have run a ZIRP policy for a decade and implement protectionism for the benefit of their domestic industrialists.

FT: Japan Finalizes Bill On Temporary Workers -> e.nikkei.com/e/fr/tnks/Nni20100320D20JF829.htm


Sengoku Says Japan Fiscal Situation Not Unlike Greece -> bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid= … Sb7I1YGG4U


Japan Tries to Face Up to Growing Poverty Problem ->https://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/22/world/asia/22poverty.html


IMF warns against Japan’s fiscal deterioration -> japantoday.com/category/busi … erioration


Japan’s Govt Debt Soars To Record High Of Y882tln -> e.nikkei.com/e/fr/tnks/Nni20100510D10JFA20.htm


Hugh Hendry: Hyperinflation Is Coming After A Major Crisis In… JAPAN -> businessinsider.com/hugh-hen … pan-2010-5


Shirakawa Opposes BOJ Underwriting Bonds a Day After Japan’s Outlook Cut -> bloomberg.com/news/2011-05-2 … k-cut.html


Wasn’t Hendry arguing against hyper (or indeed ordinary) inflation up until now ?


Here is what he said in January 2011 - Japan Is A “Nuclear Bomb Strapped Onto The Chest Of The Global Economy” -> businessinsider.com/hugh-hen … ile-2011-1

I hope he was speaking metaphorically and not conspiring with OW to set off the HAARP system :slight_smile:

Just how right have Hugh Hendry’s macro calls been? - James Phillipps -> [citywire.co.uk/wealth-manage … -news-(https://www.citywire.co.uk/wealth-manager/just-how-right-have-hugh-hendrys-macro-calls-been/a490210?ref=wealth-manager-latest-news-list)


Survey: 30% quake-related loans in arrears -> asahi.com/english/TKY201107090263.html


Japan to make ‘all-out’ efforts to fight surging yen: Noda -> mdn.mainichi.jp/mdnnews/business … 0000c.html


Moody’s Japan downgrade puts triple-As in spotlight -> reuters.com/article/2009/05/ … RW20090518


Azumi as Eighth Finance Chief Since 2008 Signals Japan’s Eroding Influence -> bloomberg.com/news/2011-09-0 … uence.html

With factories destroyed by the Tsunami and electricity rationed how is it a surprise that unemployment rose? oh yeah, it’s the rising yen that caused it? well, if you don’t produce the goods how can you sell them?

8 finance ministers in 3 years and a new prime-minister every year for the last 5? that’s a new one every 4 or 5 months, this is a country in crisis even before the tsunami/nuclear catastrophe.


Sharp sets up 1st office to oversee China, Taiwan operations -> mdn.mainichi.jp/mdnnews/business … 6000c.html

In twenty years Chinese corporations will own most of todays Japanese industrials.

10 Japan institutions have 3 tril. yen exposure to debt-ridden Europe -> mdn.mainichi.jp/mdnnews/business … 0000c.html



Japan central bank expands monetary easing - -> businessweek.com/ap/financia … KEMN03.htm


Japan intervenes to tame yen ahead of G20 -> reuters.com/article/2011/10/ … 9Q20111031


Japan ‘May Be’ Close to a Downgrade: S&P -> bloomberg.com/news/2011-11-2 … orsen.html


BOJ Seeks Help From Banks on Strong Yen -> online.wsj.com/article/SB1000142 … lenews_wsj


another very sick patient


Can someone confirm if i have this correct,
Japan with almost 1 quadrillion worth of Debt can borrow at 1%

I accept that is normal if its GNP were 1 quadrillion, but its not!
Its rate of growth would suggest it won’t be either for a long time.

Why is our debt problem causing such concerns in Europe?