Japan: Bubble prophet fears new disaster


Mitsubishi Pajeros coming into Russia found with high levels of radiation, these are cars much loved here in Ireland.


If you want to import them here you go. I’d be wary of second hand autos caught in seawater during the Tsunami. But at least you know how to recognise the registration plates.


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MOODY’S downgrades JGB.



:laughing: what a bunch of clowns; they must be embarrassed at this stage, the ten year is at a 43bps yield now… The central bank sets the rate — monopoly issuer of the currency so it sets the price, couldn’t be more simple


The Japanese themselves hold over 90% of their own debt, meanwhile the dollar gets stronger as Europe follows suit in the latest round of the currency wars.


Princes of the Yen: Central Banks and the Transformation of the Economy



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So what? Japan has shown that floating rate currency issuers are not limited by debt/gdp or similar but rather by inflation.
That debt is, to the yen, private sector savings - to the yen.
It is simply the amount of government spending that has not yet been used to pay taxes, that’s it.


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In China meanwhile

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Abenomics: How to crush your currency and yields while sending your stocks skyward.


That was the idea.