Japan: Bubble prophet fears new disaster


Azumi: $60 bil to IMF was to help global economy, acknowledge quake aid -> japantoday.com/category/busi … -quake-aid

Like hell they do, Japan is in no shape to bail out anyone, devaluing the Yen is the aim here.


Insight: “Made in Japan” engineers find second life in China -> reuters.com/article/2012/04/ … 4P20120416


BoJ will print as much as it takes -> ritholtz.com/blog/2012/04/bo … -it-takes/


Is anyone testing for Radiation and contamination from Fukushima and all the other problem reactors with spent fuel pool problems. It is very important for us to know if radiation is in some of our imported goods, such as Japanese second hand cars, tyres and glues. Has anyone got a Geiger Counter to test our foods, independent of the status quo. We still have problems with Sellafield and Penley in Northern France. We do need independent monitors, as our Government has a vested interest, in not informing the public. Scottish and Irish lamb, still has problems since Chernoble.




Nothing to worry about as long as they have a current account surplus
But they cant have a surplus forever



Japan Rating Cut Rings Alarm on Tax Gridlock -> bloomberg.com/news/2012-05-2 … -debt.html


Is Kyle Bass Wrong on the Japan Trade? -> cnbc.com/id/47510367


There’s another argument that is being missed, I think. Where does the dis-saving go? It doesn’t disappear and it is unlikely to be spent on imports. So it will circulate in the domestic economy until it ends up in JGBs again…


So Japan will stay in deflation forever and will never have raise interest rates
Additionally Debt doesn’t matter?

Id image Japan can extend and pretend for a long time yet but only as long as they have a current account surplus


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Last of 5 part series by G Shilling on Japan

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Not that well know japanese face of libertarianism Marc Abela? Oh, wait, no it’s a white guy on his holidays…


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Bloomberg’s Mia Saini reports on Japanese companies, including Nissan, which for the first time are building products abroad to ship home.