JDAMs for Jesus

Now that the most senior officer in the US military who opposed attacking Iran has been resigned, what chances that Bush will order an attack on Iran? I have to laugh at the news that Cheney is heading for the Middle East and it is hoped that this trip will “help to lower oil prices”.

Dow is up 400 points today, a single bomb on Tehran and it will be down a thousand.

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I cannot believe that Bush is still considering doing this. Why is there never an angry loner with a gun around when you need one?

they don’t have the money to attack iran right now and iran has russian support all the way: hence the iranian oil bourse will accept roubles and anything except for dollars! Amadinejads visit to iraq means that they are likely going to be closer allies now (since saddam died mahmoud doesn’t hate them) and the moves in the middle east -as you can see by the decisions of OPEC recently when they decided not to boost oil output - are not in favour of the USA, bombing iran would be economic and social suicide

see the thread thepropertypin.com/viewtopic … 7326#57326 for more submissions on whether Bush will go to war or not.

Soon after the Cables were cut, Bush visited Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The Saudis had previously been mouthing, on the world stage, about how the falling dollar created inflation in their country and was affecting the standards of living for its citizens. The Saudis have since become very quiet after Bush’s visit :exclamation: