Je suis Corbyn (+UK GE 17) For The Many not the few


Do we have a Jeremy Corbyn thread?

I have to say I like the guy. He’s asking questions that the Tories don’t want asked any more. He just refuses to accept the framework that they want for him.


The FT gave him 2 years before he “explodes” i.e. has to be removed/resigns.

Take from that what you will.


He’s a breath of fresh air, but you’ll stir up the crazies on this forum just by mentioning Corbyn. I wonder who’ll be first up to attack him?

Edit: Andy wins a prize! :wink:


Any chance you’d respond to my questions in the Nama, Walalce thread?

To clarify, I didn’t attack Corbyn, I simply noted what the FT’s view was. I would think they’ve underestimate him but I doubt he’ll bring them an election.


It’ll be interesting to see. I think the UK is ready for a real change.


*They are outraged that anyone seeking power would fail to conform, and the reaction to Corbyn failing to sing the anthem was like a collective shriek of: “Kneel before Zod!” - Frankie Boyle
* … nkie-boyle

As a UK friend of mine commented recently:
“The thing about Corbyn is not that he’ll win the election, but that he’s the kind of guy that you’d like to see win the election. You’d hope that it mobilises enough like-minded people to actually vote somebody like him into power… maybe a successor of his in the Labour Party. My fear is that if that time is 2 or 3 election cycles away, that the Tories will have so comprehensively dismantled the State - and walled themselves up inside “The City” - that the way back to a country that actually tries to create a livable society for it’s people will be so well destroyed that it’ll be next to impossible to turn it back. Ironically the thing that would probably get someone like Corbyn elected is a run of 2 or 3 unfettered Tory majority Governments.”

It was an interesting take on it.


The Telegraph is the most hilarious. I think they’ll “explode” before Corbyn does. You’d swear the sky was about to fall the way they’re behaving.


Oddly enough, the point I got from the FT podcast was that it would be likes of those things (not singing the anthem, paying respects to enemies, not being tough on crime, not backing the troops, not supporting trident) that would be his undoing more so than his fiscal proposals.

The thesis being that the average guy will more easily understand this items than tax policy or wide scale nationalisations, increasing welfare etc.


Parallels with Tsipras. Optimism and good intentions followed by defeat by the status quo.


This sums it up for me. Seems an honourable and principled guy but he’s probably too left leaning for the uk electorate these days, plus as another poster said, is likely to commit many gaffes which the uk media will spin like 90


Tsipiras has just been reelected as PM.

I enjoy watching the media flail when trying to deal with Corbyn.


Totally agree. I watched the Jon Snows interview and you could him getting frustrated with dead pan no spin Corbyn. Snow’s attempts to rise him about not singing “god save our German queen” were pathetic.

He’s never hid his republican outlook so by constantly bringing that up to attack him with the media are actually resurrecting the whole interest in an alternative to Monarchy and the competitive media pack when tired of sniffing around Corbyn may sense that the publicly accepted post-Diana moratorium may be passing.

Only a matter of time! :laughing:


My thinking is he will either be the next Clement Atlee, or the next Michael Foot. Atlee being regarded as Britain’s greatest 20th century PM who among other things, founded the NHS and the welfare state. Foot was a brilliant parliamentarian, but is best remembered for a Labour party split, and bizarrely, wearing an anorak to a Remembrance day ceremony.

On Corbyn, the media attacks don’t seem to be working (you can only repeat stories so many times before people tune out), he’s brought a certain dignity back to politics by refusing to engage in the personal name-calling that passes for political debate today, and in Cameron he has the perfect personification of privilege, if piggate doesn’t bring him down first. I’d say he could do well, but needs to watch his back in the Labour party.

But I think his selection as party leader is more to do with the fact that he is not the type of politician that people are sick of. Basically the professional, media trained, focus-group obsessed representative without any real convictions save wanting to hold political office. He’s a breath of fresh air as far as I’m concerned.


Weird interview with him this morning on Sky: … ws-Twitter

Eamonn Holmes obviously ordered to ridicule him judging by the screaming whenever Corbyn tried to deviate from the wardrobe fun.


The other candidates running against Corbyn for the Labour leader position were so incredibly vacuous - the very essence of “professional, media trained, focus-group obsessed representative without any real convictions save wanting to hold political office”. Hot air in contrast to his breath of fresh air approach.

The term unelectable has been used so many times about him in the media that the electorate will be antagonized into voting him in.


I don’t think so

the UK voting system is designed to keep people like Corbyn out of power, for every vote he picks up on the left he will lose more from the centre which is where elections are won and lost in the UK


The telegraph had a policy during the election of printing the most ridiculous photos of Ed Milliband.
They are continuing with it

This is their front page photo today. They must go through thousands of photos to pick the worst. It is so…sinistere propagandist


Well you know what they say about men with big feet?


Lens effect. :angry:


I know. :wink: